29 thoughts on “#82 Picking the right thing to unplug out of a power bar full of wires

    1. Ha ha, I love that. You should set up a really loud ticking clock beside you, grab one of those tiny pairs of scissors, and then crank the heat so sweat from your forehead is dripping all over the wires. Getting John Williams to write you a little dramatic score could help, too.

  1. Gah! I just hope that I will pull the right one before I pull the one for the clock, then I have to reset it. Oh and dont pull the one for lamp, bc then you can even see the other ones….

    1. Heidi-o, that’s a great point. The lamp! If nothing else, the lamp must be avoided, as its warming shining glow permits us to even CONSIDER unplugging anything else.

      A lamp is watching over my shoulder as I type this.

      I do not want to make it angry.

    1. Maybe everything should have a different color wire. Not flourescent greens and pinks or anything — just various shades of gray, white, etc. Like, oh, okay, the charcoal plug is for the toaster.

      Get on it, Chinese manufacturing industry!

  2. speaking as one who has had the bar fridge defrost onto the carpet MORE THAN ONCE, yes, this is indeed awesome.

    Side note: for the love of God, plug the fridge back in when you’re done vacuumning!

    1. Ha ha, I love the side note, jdurley.

      But, I also gotta say: Whoever is unplugging the bar fridge to vacuum is one serious vacuumer. I mean, my preferred technique is to slide the vacuum around the carpet just enough so there’s some doesn’t marks on the carpet and those nacho chip crumbs are hopefully gone. Moving couches? Getting behind furniture? UNPLUGGING BAR FRIDGES?

      Sorry, you lost me.

      1. Lets just say there are limited outlets in the room, and I apparently have a forgetful house cleaner.

  3. This was me a couple of days ago at the Nor’Easter Wrestling tournament concessions! Do I unplug the crock-pot full of Meatballs, Mac&Cheese or Sausage & Peppers?? No one wants cold food!

    1. Mary, wait, wait, wait. Stop! The Nor’Easter Wrestling tournament concessions? This sounds like the most delicious concession stand of all time. Let me get this straight: While you’re eating delicious crock-pot meatballs and homemade mac and cheese, served to you by a lovely lady named Mary who makes sure your food is hot, you also get watch people fight each other? Please make sure I’m invited next year.

      1. Game on! The Cavalier Classic is Feb 11th in Hollis NH and we will have even more awesome crock-pot food and people fighting each other!

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