43 thoughts on “#80 Practicing your signature over and over when no one’s looking

  1. Haha, I did this one during my freshman year of high school when I realized I would need to sign stuff. It started out pretty clear, now it looks like a bunch of lines and loops.

    1. But I’m sure people stare at those lines and loops and are like: “Yeah, that’s Gonzo.” I mean, your name’s Gonzo! So lines and loops are definitely allowed.

    1. lovethebadguy, you already are famous. By the way, the world “lovethebadguy”, without spaces, would make for an interesting signature. It might even top Gonzo.

    1. Ha ha, uh. Well, I got four stamps made and every time I do a book signing I take a pencilcase full of colored Sharpies, a bunch of bookplates, some 1000 Awesome Things stickers, and one of the stamps. They say “Awesome is everwhere”, “Find your awesome, find yourself”, “You are awesome”, and we’ll have to meet in person for you to find out what the last one is.*

      *Translation: I forget.

    1. Or! After you marry a buffalo! Right, newbuffalomom?

      Which brings up an entirely new series of questions. Like, if you give birth to a buffalo, do you give it a last name? I guess I’ve always assumed animals didn’t have last names. Shame on me.

      1. hehehe funny.
        My nickname comes from the fact I am a mom to 4 kids and have hosted 6 exchange students while living in New Buffalo, MI. :)

    2. Oh….I’m 27 and still do that. When I’m at work I have to make sure I DESTROY my evidence….less I be questioned about who this person is!

    1. Ha ha. There should be a class called “Practicing Your Signature Over And Over Again 101.” And you fail if you hand in a page that isn’t completely filled front and back… or something from the computer.

  2. Lord knows I tried, but could never master that fancy capital “W”.
    I did conquer both “Z’s”, however; they are so much fun to write!
    (Lucky you, Gonzo:)
    And as the years go by…I’ve liberated my signature to illegible, which is unforgable…which is a good thing!
    Signed, Wendyz

    1. It’s funny you mention forging, Wendy. If someone’s name gets reduced to just a squiggly line with a random dot over it, I guess it’s a lot easier to forge. But then again, who checks for signature forgery these days, anyway? Kids, listen up, I bet there’s a big market out there! It’s be huge! That and compooters!

    1. Nah, you likely just spent about 12 extra days of your life doing something more productive, and you just gotta find out what it is. Like, maybe you’re really good at crochet or mini-golf or flipping channels really fast or something.

    1. Ha ha, “different fonts.” It’s like Angry Me, All Capital Letters Me, Rushed Me, or maybe my favorite, Wrong Handed Me, Also Known As Infant Me.

  3. I am positively ancient and I still do this. My signature looks school-girl-ish to me, possibly because it’s legible. I’m practicing for the time when I publish my books and am besieged by fans.

  4. My signature has changed over time. It used to be clear and legible, and now I skip letters in the middle for fun. I was talking to my brother the other day and he said his signature looks like our dad’s now which is kind of cool since Dad’s been gone for 10 years.

  5. This reminds me of when I went into the bank after I got married and I wanted to change my name on my account. The teller stood there while I practiced my signature at least a hundred times before signing my new signature card. I hadn’t had to use handwriting for anything except my old signature since like 4th grade.

  6. Practicing your signature: “Here we go loopy-loop, here we go loopy-light, here we go loopy-loop, all on a Saturday night!”

    HAPPY “AWESOME” NEW YEAR everyone, everywhere!
    Thanks SO MUCH for being SO AWESOME!
    Cheers to life! Cheers to 2012:) xxxoooz

  7. So true . . . I love trying to make my signature fancy, but then realizing that I won’t write as nicely on receipts! =P

      1. Thanks for the smile, Wendy. Your comments and videos have often lifted my spirit and added to my life’s joy. Thank you sincerely.

        1. That’s what I’m talking about~ spreading some uplifting sunshine~
          And sincerely, I’m so happy to hear your smile<:0)

  8. Another discussion over dinner was 3 friends my husband had, while growing up in Cache Creek, B.C. Whose names were, (drum roll please)…
    Joey Hickambottom, Isabelle Gougahmheimer and 18 kids in the Stormy Minnabarriette home… imagine practicing those signatures!
    Oh, whatever will we discuss during dinner after April? Unless of course……
    you can stand ninety years of this more!!! Ok. Ok, a printed copy will do:)

  9. I once had my signature analyzed by a complete stranger, mailed out 300 miles away and it was Astonishingly Accurate!
    I was drawn to and bought a book from a woman, who had lost her husband, at a yard sale. She said he’d bought it for her many years prior, when they first started courting. It was filled with magnificent illustrations, poems and quotes about Angels. I said to myself I’d read it when I got around to it and placed its treasury in our guest room.
    When my friend of over 30 years mom was dieing, although I’d never read the book myself, *something told me, “trust”, give her the book, “it will comfort her.” I listened and travelled the 300 miles away.
    My friend seemed to have an immediate connection to the book, she held it close to her heart; her eyes grew large and shiney- on the first page was an inscription which was written *in her mom’s distinctively feminnine hand writing*- To Lori, with love as ever and always, Mugs
    (the man and woman’s names were not even remotely close!)
    A hand writing analyst and spiritualist said this book was centuries old. That she and her mom had been together in another time, not as mother and daughter, but as best friended sisters.

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