#76 When everything you own is fully charged

No low bars, no dark screens.

No redlines, no flatlines, no waiting in between.

Locked and loaded in full-bar paradise makes you feel a little bit invincible. “I could last forever,” you think, strapping a charged laptop in your bag, stuffing a juiced up cell phone in your pocket, picturing yourself braving for a cold night in a dense forest, camping in some rocky tundra, or getting lost in dark twisting alleys in foreign slums.

“Worst case, I’ll text my mom in the morning.”


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16 responses to “#76 When everything you own is fully charged

  1. trixierix

    This world does not exist, I assure you.

  2. snowy

    Ah yes, fully-charged electronics- they’re like security blankets of the digital age. Don’t wanna leave home without them….

    Plus, I don’t like traveling without stuff fully-charged. Makes me anxious!

  3. YES! Exactly. It’s the same feeling you get when your fridge is fully stocked (I can survive a bad storm!) and when you have toilet roll to last you what would seem a year.

    Maria xx

  4. My cell phone is rarely at full charge. I keep my charger at work (since that’s when I’m on it most) but I always forget to plug it in until the battery icon is blinking.
    I’ve only had my Kindle for a few days now, but I can’t put it down long enough to let it charge.

  5. wendy

    About as “juiced” as I’ll ever get!
    Oh, and about “Invincible?!*” I got the Cd for Christmas and every single song is “Paradisey”~AWESOME!

  6. I never thought about how nice that actually felt before. =)

  7. Gonzo

    Always charged before school … not that either the laptop or the cell phone make it through the day.

  8. Oh if only that could happen in my lifetime. :)

  9. That feeling DOES rule. doesn’t it?

  10. robert

    This happened once to me, was really awkward

  11. Ago

    I’m the opposite…i love testing the how much longer can i go 18%,6%,3% camon’ one more call 1%….phew made it. oh shit. where’s my charger?

  12. Melissa

    It’s the same feeling as having a full tank of gas!

  13. Love it when everything is fully charged…it feels like you are now ready to take on the world!

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