64 thoughts on “#62 Spinning in an office chair for no reason

  1. When I first started working at the place I work at (vague I know), I used to do this all the time… Until my chair unscrewed and I fell off. It was quite funny – but NEVER AGAIN.

      1. He looks very focused – Whatever he was thinking about before he started spinning in his chair has definitely left his mind and he is only concentrating on that one specific action! Spinning in an office chair requires all the attention and brain power you have

  2. I am all over this.

    You see, the key is to be far enough from any objects do you don’t mess up your momentum but you must be close enough to a desk to push yourself off every other lap to gain speed.

    Bringing back immaturity since 1983…You’re welcome.

    1. ^ This. You also gotta make sure your feet don’t hit the legs of the chair … which double as breaks in case you hear footsteps or just find yourself getting dizzy.

      1. I do love spontaneously kicking my legs out and in, though. “GO FASTER! NOW SLOWER! FASTER… YEAAAH NOW SLOW!”… That’s what goes on in my head at least.

  3. I do this ALL the time! I don’t care who is around or watching, if I wanna spin, I spin.
    A lot of times in the morning while I’m waiting for the mailman in the mail room, I grab one of the old chairs that was put away down there and I roll all over the room. I’ll push off on one wall and see if I can make it all the way to the wall across the room. Office chairs are a lot of fun!

  4. The last time I did this with true gusto, the employee at Staples came over to ask if I needed any assistance. Then he grabbed a chair and joined me in the spinning!

  5. When I was a kid, my biggest wish when I grew up was to have a job where I could have a chair that would spin and had wheels so I could roll around the office and spin a will. That was the ultimate measure of success for me! Glad to report… I made it!!

  6. When I was working as a RN on the night shift in an Operating Room Suite, we used to get on the rolling chairs and push each other (really hard!) down the shiny corridors of the empty department. We had some really really long halls and we would mark the distance flown with tape. Kind of a Rolling Chair Olympic event. We really would fly. Another category was standing on the base of IV stands and doing the same thing. One of the best benefits of that job!

    1. So that’s what medical staff does when they haven’t any patients. It would be fun to suddenly run into the corridor and surprise them when they’re at their games…LOL!

  7. The best part is sticking out your legs to slow down the spin then bringing them back in to speed it up. It’s like a cool science experiment on motion.

  8. i smiled when i saw the title of this entry :’)
    truly AWESOME :D xxx
    (PS: works on any sort of revolving chair, anywhere, anytime ;)

      1. LOL! Love this guy spinning, but vomiting, awesome? That might be the first one I question on its awesomeness. Yeah, it feels awesome when it’s over…Oh, the relief! But when it’s happening, Big Yuck!

      1. Thank you! Yes! Pretty Awesome for spinning on this big rock for a really long time! :)
        Funny story- when I first came to this blog, I thought you were the lead singer of Hedley! Ha!

          1. FTR- this was a dare from my now adult-children and some LONG time friends, on “proving growth, consideration of life affirming care; esteeming and honouring oneself!” This for me was HUGE! (But truth was more scarey;)
            Thank you for the b’day wishes, Bekah:)
            And you too, numbum, Gary<3

              1. Now that is the most AWESOME version of this Dylan song I’ve ever heard!
                Thank you for the blessing, Magda. (It sort of reminds me of “Living life like a picnic,” eh;) My first grand-child was born on Jan. 24th.,2006. She had a rough start! Under the stars and moon I prayed. One of the very best men I ever knew, (who died far too young, in 1979 when her mom was just 3 months old); her great-grand-father, Lorne, was also born this day! Sienna’s heart was made strong by the angels and we added *Loren* to her name, to keep her strong. Every year I tell her, “Remember, you are the best birthday present I have ever had and will ever have. I could ask for nothing more!” She usually shrugs a little, hugs, smootches and giggles a little. But this year when I said the usual, she said, “I remember! I know, I am the best birthday you’ve ever had and will ever have!” and then she said, “and you are the best present I’ve ever had!” And you know what I said…”AWESOME=D”

  9. To Wendy the poet on her Birhday, youer what makes Awesome even greater, Happy Birthday and please do something nice and groovy today.

  10. Happy Birthday, Wendy! Sorry I’m a little late. Hope your day was filled with family, friends, and all good things!

  11. Haha might not work in an office but I do that all the time in my school xD even sneak up a chair to my class, one of the few things in life that amuse me

  12. I used a spiny chair so much that its has a burn hole in the bottom between the five legs on the metal :P

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  14. I lost my job because I spinned in my chair a couple of times. Nobody felt the need to talk to me first. They just canned me the very next day.

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