#55 Thick milkshakes and greasy fries at an old diner

Milkshakes must be made from just ice cream and milk and poured from a giant metal cup into a really heavy glass. The metal cup should have more milkshake left over and get all frosted up before you pour the deliciously creamy bubbles-n-lumps mixture into your glass. All fries should be thick cut, slightly brown with dirty grease flavor, and served wet and glistening. Ketchup should be from a half-empty glass bottle only with ketchup smears all down the insides. You must sit at the counter on a swivel-chair that has rips in the orange or brown vinyl padding and lean up against a really smooth counter that has little sparkles in it from the 1950s.


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  1. Oh, Totally!! I know these diners. Let me tell you, the orange padding on that swivel-chair has been getting progressively more ripped for weeks. And the counters! I can spot a counter like that from a block and a half away. But, trust me, no matter what innocent thoughts are going through your head, don’t even THINK about looking at them. It will cause a massive coughing fit. They’re just that smooth.

      1. …I listened to the tune, (with lyrics), then searched images of Legenz diner, when lo and behold, there are even toy cars in the airs I’d forgotten about! Then smack dab in the middle of Legenz images, there’s a classic photo of Bob Marley! How cool is that!!!

          1. Definitely a choice tune and so beautifully delivered!
            Would be an outstanding dream come true…for sure!
            I’ve been burying my denial in the feets of snow we still have here, but then those pansies had to poke their face out in the banner and remind me what’s just ’round the corner. Suppose Bekah’s right though, must look at all the positive Neil has brought us and the world for all these years! And she said #1 is right before a weekend! To think positive, I see it’s also in the spring! Although very grateful, I have to wonder what *that’s* going to feel like!
            Hey, where is Bekah anyhow? And jdurley, Laura and Freddo…where for art thou Freddo?
            Rant over and out for now.

  2. Legenz Diner~ the best in our area! Only difference, Candy Apple Red, Canary Yellow and the one to surely be your fav Neil…Robin Egg Blue stools that spin for good reason at the really smooth sparkly counter! There are even 50’s cars made into diner booths! Everything else is exactly the same as you describe “en Route #55”:)

    1. There’s a place in my hometown that I thought of when I read this post — except they don’t serve milkshakes :( Anyway, they have robin’s egg blue stools that spin, too! AND the sparkly countertop.

      That’s cool about the old cars!

      1. btw- first image, the silver milk-shake tumbler is at the table…I repeat, Legenz even brings the left-over milk-shake in the cold silver tumbler to the table! They so totally rock! Been awhile…GOTTA GO TO GOLDEN, BC! ttfn:)

  3. Yeah, if they don’t bring you the metal tumbler with extra milkshake in it, you were completely ripped off!

    This makes me want fries and a shake SO badly! Instead, I can look forward to the PB&J that I packed for my lunch today. Maybe that can be my Saturday mission :)

    Side note — I think the diner gets bonus points if it looks like the building might collapse while you’re there.

  4. This post reminds me of an old diner that used to be in my hometown when I was a kid. It even had the little individual jukeboxes at each table…way cool! I must beg to differ on the shake recipe, though; the best shakes are made with ice cream, milk, AND chocolate syrup. Whether you call it a black & white shake or a chocolate shake, doesn’t matter…in the bottom of that silver cup is a pool of lovely leftover chocolate syrup for you to spoon out as the dessert on the end of an already wonderful meal! I even remember once seeing a roach on the wall near the counter, but it didn’t deter future visits…bring on the grease…LOL!!

    1. OMG, the only place I’ve ever seen the little jukeboxes in real life are at a place in the town where I went to college … in a restaurant called … Mexican Villa! Ha! I’m thinking it was not always a Mexican Villa. :)

      And I’m so with you on the chocolate syrup! Even if it’s made with chocolate ice cream and chocolate milk, it could only be made better with chocolate syrup!!

  5. We have Steak and Shake here and although not really a 50’s style diner they have really good chocolate milkshakes. It is really nice to go inside and order one and sip it slowly so you don’t get brain freeze. They put whipped cream and a cherry on top.

  6. Peggy Sue’s was the one you describe to the T! We used to frequent there often. They made a milk-shake called Tooty Fruity with real strawberries, raspberries and blackberries, plus whip cream and a cherry on top! All the food was amazing! Then one day we decided to go and there in its place was a funeral parlour…no for-warning! And we nearly all died laughing!

    1. This one is definitely one of my top favorites. Every time I find a new burger place, I have to try a shake. Red Robins has good shakes, same with another place I recently found (although they are more gourmet, than greasy diner). Also delicious is dipping the fries into the milkshake.

      1. Whoops … didn’t mean to reply to yours, Florence. Although, I do know of a Peggy Sue’s in downtown San Jose, CA. Used to go there before Sharks games.

        1. Cool! However; when you say “used to”, I have to wonder if “your” Peggy Sue’s is still a restaurant! “Ours” was in B.C., Canada!

  7. Tin thing, yes. Thick glass on a pedestal, yes. Two straws if they’d run out of the large. Everything’s OK, but it still doesn’t explain how the tin thing stuck to the green thing!

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