#53 Watching your favorite movie with someone who hasn’t seen it before

Do you remember the first time?

Were you leaning back in red plushy tundra at the theater, twisted like a mummy under a basement blanket, or by yourself with headphones on a long-haul flight?

Where were you when you saw your favorite movie?

Me, I was back in college with a few friends on a crappy couch when I saw Annie Hall for the first time. Snappy dialogue, twisting plotlines, and the heart-wrenching complexity of it all sucked me in like a vacuum.

Since then I’ve taken great pleasure giving people their first Annie Hall showing. I take a lot of care with the experience, too: reserving a special night, making popcorn, and tossing their cell phone safely down the basement stairs.

There is a lot of pressure on them to enjoy the movie but that’s part of the fun.

Laughing at their expressions, seeing their eyes flicker, and hearing them guess what will happen next makes it all worth it. Watching your favorite movie with someone who hasn’t seen it before … feels like you’re watching it for the first time again, too.


My good friend Frank Warren of PostSecret is going on tour! Check out the trailer below:


31 thoughts on “#53 Watching your favorite movie with someone who hasn’t seen it before

  1. I heart that my two fav blog people know each other. I look forward to an awesome thing every week day and post secret on the weekend. Yeah you and Frank!

    1. Oh my, I lived this for many years! My ex and I were both movie crazy and had together faves that we frequently quoted to each other and, eventually, to our son. Good times!

  2. I love introducing the kids I babysit to the movies I loved as a child like Home Alone and Rookie of the Year

  3. I’m always the one who watches the movie first before watching with my friends.. It is really awesome but there so much added pressure that I have to make sure that the movie experience lives up to the hype I’d created for them :) :D

  4. I always look at the other person to see if he and/or she is enjoying it, or if he and/or she is laughing/grinning at a part I think is funny. My friends hate when I do this … I can’t watch movies with friends if they haven’t seen it.

  5. A friend brought “Drop Dead Fred” over for a group of women to watch in the early 90’s and as Fred always said with utmost enthusiasm, “We LOVED it! I shared it with a male friend a few years back and I’ve never seen anyone before or since react the same way… EVER, at any movie! He laughed till the tears rolled him onto the floor and nearly wet his pants too, a few times! He added another level of entertainment! It’s sure fun to watch a favorite movie through the eyes of someone who get’s it the same way you do…or even more:)

  6. I find it very difficult to rewatch anything, even when I love it. It gets so bad that some beloved titles in my collection have been gathering dust for many years. But showing to someone who hasn’t seen it renews the sense of novelty, and I absolutely love having that excuse to pull out a cherished favorite and enjoy it all over again.

  7. When geektween turned into geekteen, all of a sudden there were a whole lot of movies we could make her watch with us! It’s still a while before I can share ‘Bad Santa’ with her, though…

    (P.S. don’t worry, that’s not my favourite movie. There isn’t even one Rodent of Unusual Size in it, for pete’s sake.)

    1. Sooo, is today Neil’s birthday?!* This was my next guess, given the post this time last year:)
      This much I do know…this Sunday is #50! Panic, breathe, panic, breathe… ok, not ok, ok…Mantra- The Serenity prayer and Easy does it!

      1. Sorry, nope, not Neil’s birthday. Sadly, he will not have another birthday before the end of the 1000 countdown.

    2. Yes – the transition to watching “certain” movies with your kids is fun. Unless you are like me and forget about the sleep-over scene in “Big”! Oh, and my husband and I totally forgot the inappropriate details in Animal House… May have scarred the kids, but probably not!!

  8. This is one of my favorite things about having a new boyfriend. It’s so much fun watching your favorites through their eyes for the first time. I’ve been with my current guy for 8 months now, and we’ve still got plenty of my favorite movies/TV shows to watch. Annie Hall was a couple weeks ago. :)

    1. He does drive me crazy though, because he has this habit of repeating lines he thinks are funny right after they’re spoken, which often results in his missing the next joke. I have to stop and rewind a lot.

  9. “All of life’s riddles are answered in the movies” pretty much sums up my view on life and films. I still can’t figure out how those poor cavemen got by without the movies.
    Today’s post is extra awesome! Thanks!

  10. I always find myself sneaking glances at the other person to gauge their reactions. Are they laughing? Did they just yawn? Don’t look at the wall, you’re missing the best part!

    It’s a very harrowing experience. But when they do enjoy it, it really is one of the best moments to share :)

  11. Watching your favourite movie with someone that hasn’t seen it before is indeed one of the most awesome things. That feeling when you are sitting on the couch watching that ONE movie, waiting to see if your best friend liked it the way you did is amazing. And when you realize that he did love it you feel even more connected to that person!!!

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