21 thoughts on “#52 Homemade coupons

  1. I used to do this all the time as a child. Over the years, they went from ratty shreds of paper with “free back massege” written (incorrectly) on them, to thin cardboard cards, which I would staple together into a coupon book, then use the sharp point of a compass to create a serated dotted line for easy coupon use.

    Dedication. ;)

    1. WOW! I just re-read your coupon book work and have to say sorry I missed the “sharp point of the compass”, you cleverly crafted!
      I imagine the steady handed mindfulness that went into every little perforation and hope they found their way into the hearts of whom you gifted them to<3

  2. I tried making a coupon like this once … the lady at the check out stand was not amused.*

    *This is a joke.

    1. I AM, and would accept it for effort! (at least on an apple or bubble gum; a stereo, I’d have to think about;)

    1. As universal as love, hugs, smiles and the peace sign…through the spectrum of ages, and, know no loving boundaries or borders:)

  3. I LOVE these, home-made cards, poems and best mom awards too! Recently I discovered some Homemade coupons from the “kids”… they’re adults now, but I see no expiry date so must be redeemable!
    I know one who’ll certainly be surprised when she sees “Foot rub”, since she’s developed a queasy aversion and is expecting:)

  4. A coworker gave me coupons for Christmas … Good for One Free Day From Cafeteria Duty. Best gift I was given. I still have 4 left. :-)

  5. I bet the Awesome thing today is “Being Late and not caring” or, “Not showing up” or something along those lines…!

  6. I still have a stack of unredeemed coupons given to me by my son when he was quite young, usually for an occasion like a birthday (or as an apology for some bad behavior). Among my favorites — scratched out on a 3 X 5 card: 15 min masauge, persanly signed. Nate W.

  7. hmmmm. It was not 12.01 THIS day! How’d you do that? I wanna know becuz I’m ALWAYS late!
    I know I have coupons to claim from my kids too and I’m going to alright!
    I do believe they owe me….

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