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    1. Agreed – it has been a pretty amazing ride. We’re in the home stretch now!

      (I’m going to try to get back here for the final 50.. life got busy, and I stopped commenting – but was still reading of course – and then felt guilty about not commenting for so long.. and then.. *shame spiral*.. But I’m going to try to be back now.. and a regular commenter again! Glad to see most of the gang is still here.. missed all of you guys).

      1. [….crickets…. for 3 days…] lol
        No, seriously, we’re glad you’re back! Let’s take it home, brothah!

      2. Freddo, I think I see what’s happened here. You realized we were getting close to the end, and you had to go on hiatus to prepare your home to receive us as indefinite house guests soon, right? And you just didn’t want to spoil the surprise by saying so, right?


    1. Just wondering when you’re going to start a very creative, clever blog or write a book, Wendy? It would be awesome!

      1. Thank you again, but I think it would be aweful lonely.
        I sure do wish someone would say they’re going to keep Awesome going!
        I joined late b/c I’m no techy and still don’t know how you all knew about Awesome when it started, so am sure to miss out if there’s a move…
        unless I’m informed:(

  1. Thank you for today’s awesome thing. I found out this morning that my grandmother had died. I’m 6000 miles away from my family studying abroad and it was hard to deal with this whole ongoing situation from so faraway. Today’s post helped me remember that when there is death there is always life and it kept me hopeful and calm.

    Thanks for the amazing blog and books. I don’t know what I’m going to do when this is all over.

    1. My granny just died this past halloween, and I still have times where I break down and cry… they are getting fewer and farther apart. It’s still hard to believe she’s not here, the only thing that seems to help is remembering the good times. Like her crazy sense of humour and casual profanity use in inappropriate times that had us all crying tears of laughter.

  2. awesomer than ever ;) great 50th post :D
    49 more to go, NOOOOO! :'(
    The picture is ADORABLE. I love babies’ feet and hands, they’re so tinyy!xx

  3. Perfect, perfect timing on this one, Neil. I was just at the hospital yesterday after work to visit a friend who just had a baby on Tuesday. Found out right before I was going to go there that my best friend’s brother’s baby was born. I got to see 2 babies yesterday. One was 2 days old, another was 2 hours old. BABIES! I love babies!
    On another note… during my Christmas vacation I had my daughter convinced that she was really an alligator when she was born and that I had to take her to the hospital to get her changed to human. I told her that her little brother was really a dog. She kept saying, “No, I was at the hospital. I held him.” Yeah.. that was after they turned him human. “But you were pregnant.” No… I was just really fat for a while. She was skeptical, but I was having fun convincing her. I was a little bored during my vacation.
    And my mom always told me that I was hatched by the sun on a fence post and that Scotty beamed all my brothers down.

      1. Did ya have to mention Munsch? Now I’m thinking of Love You Forever (the most heartwarming book) along with the approaching end of this blog and I’m a bit misty. *Sniff*

      1. Espeially given the story behind it, “Love you forever”, is one of the most difficult stories to read. Cherabums gave rise to the Munsch’s opening hearts and home to adoption of three children<3
        Robert and I have corresponded and he sent our family "Look at Me!" when it was first published:) I LOVE them!!!
        I am not a feminist, (for equal kindness and respect), and I tell you one of his books banned, I'd still love to see, "God is a woman." And he was a Catholic priest at one time!
        Anyhow…I just may get a pair of sea horse's after all this; name the girl Misty and the boy Neil, when this is all over. I could fill their tank with fresh salt water daily!
        btw, did you all know the male sea horse carries the baby! Birth…So awesome:)
        A book or blog like this, Kathy? ;) *You are very kind!*

        1. Bekah~ Great AWESOME you carried on! I’m going to try it on my g-bb’s!
          Just learned gbb #3 is due this October! Birth…awe-mazing!

  4. There’s something to be said about the birth of grand-babies like, you actually get to be there for the precious present!
    My first came in with a struggle. Morning of day two, (my b’day), while a nurse and I were giving her cpr, an angel swooped in, “kissed” her on the mouth and she was pink again. Angel hovered by me, then left. I didn’t recognize her until the call came, a close friend had been killed in a crash minutes before and it was she who gave grand-daughter her breath of life.
    “I believe in angels”~ Singing and dancing with my grand-babie’s~ celebrating birth and life…

  5. A few months ago I was present at a friend’s difficult delivery and even helped a little. It was scary and looked painful, but it was also so incredible, that it made me feel less intimidated to have children. When she was holding her baby at the end and he was so wonderful, I thought, “It really would be worth all of that for the end result”. Awesome indeed! :-)

  6. This is especially timely today. I check this website every day for my daily ‘thought provoking moment’. Today happens to actually be my birthday, so it is indeed an amazing thing as far as I’m concerned. The only thing that would have made it more ironic would have been if it is was my 50th birthday…but not so…but still a good day none the less.

  7. Every morning I start my day by reading the awesome thing of the day, today is my birthday which makes the awesome thing even more exciting, “birth” being the awesome thing of the day on my birthday is extra awesome. Its the little things in life. Thank you!

  8. Birth…it was painful and frightening and still is! And I’m not talking for my mother, I mean for me! I’m over 50 and still scared! Then you’re in this world, it’s bright and noisy. The first thing they do is slap you around and I’m still recovering from that trauma! This is my authentic answer to birth!
    But I sure enjoyed the births of my own children and now grand-children.
    This is my awesome!

      1. Wendy, I have missed a couple days in reading the daily awesomeness. I read this one just today, on February 12th. I just finished listening to Whitney Houston singing “The Greatest Love of All” after finding out about her shocking passing. She sings, “I believe the children are our future….” Then I read your comment.

            1. I don’t comment often Wendy, so I’m flattered that you remembered and found my first one here ever!
              I may not comment, but I read every single day, and I’m going to miss this when it’s gone….

  9. Neil and everyone here, I just wanted to thank you all. About 2 years ago, my best friend was going through a difficult time and we both just needed something to lift us up. I have been reading this every week day (even when I was on exchange in Germany!) and write my own list of awesome things. I have had a wonderful ride and wish the last 50 posts to be AWESOME.

  10. The birth of my 2 children were definately 2 of the most awesome moments of my life. My wife did all the hard work. But that in itself was a big part of the awesomeness. She seemed to do both in a way that was a surrender to the greater universe, a relinquishing to Source, and the more she let go and went with it, the more life flowed through her and emerged from her. There was a deep trust she was able to generate toward her body. Meanwhile, for me it was an intense experience to share with her, and I felt deeply connected with her. The moment they both arrived was I think the highest point of elation I could ever imagine feeling.

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