16 thoughts on “#47 Nice cops

  1. I would totally hug a cop. Uniforms are sexy… ;)

    My Nan encountered a lovely officer the other day. He took over her trolley when she was struggling to wheel her groceries to the car. What a gentleman!

  2. *Awesome alright~Nice cops! (are we allowed to call them cops?!*;)
    Good cops, Bad cops, you know I’ve seen my share…and one riding a segway, holding Free hugs sign, rates right up there!
    Could be either/or, that’s for sure…you know what I’m saying………….

  3. I do believe ALL cops should be nice cops! Isn’t that the true meaning of civil servants! Same as all oathes taken should be trustworthy; if only a perfect world!

  4. Nice police, good police, ethical police, honest police . . . These are the people we trust to keep us safe.

  5. Good Cops – Great in real life!

    Corrupt Cops – Great on TV!
    (See “The Wire” or “The Shield”)..

    1. Corrupt Cops=Super in movies, too! Go, Serpico!

      Ya know, I have to say, you always have such interesting responses to these posts! They often leave me smiling! :)

      1. Awww.. now you’ve returned the favor! You’ve left me smiling too.. what a nice way to start my day! Thanks Kathy!

        (Oh – and I haven’t seen Serpico – I’m going to have to check it out!)

  6. Ah, I love nice cops. Feels nice to have good people protecting the area, especially the ones who’re nice to little kids and the elderly.

  7. My city’s long-time mayor (pretty sure it’s been 20+ years) started his public service career as our city’s unofficial “Officer Friendly,” giving out stickers to kids and whatnot. He’s awesome.

  8. When I was young I was a bad. When I was bigger, I was badder. One night I took some bigger boots from a group of badder guys. For me it was not a teacher or preacher who stepped in but good cops. They did not have to do it but they saved my life and becuz they cared enuff to- I did too.
    Good cops are awesome good! Thanks…

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