48 thoughts on “#43 Finding out from a doctor or mechanic that nothing’s wrong

    1. i don’t know what we’re going to do when it’s over. it’ll be like Oprah’s last season all over again – i’m going to go through some serious 1000awesomethings withdrawal.

  1. Uh…. If there was ‘lump’ on me, the doc said ‘oh, it’s nothing’ I’d be like ‘uh, no, it’s not nothing, it’s there, what the f is it?’ That’s NOT an ‘oh, okay awesome’ moment. He wants to do tests and then tell me it’s harmless and easily removable, sure. But any doc that says ‘oh it’s nothing’ you need to get rid of. Same concept with a car. A car starts making a different noise, ‘something’ is going on, even if it’s just a harmless squeak when things get wet or something.

    1. And I”m sorry to come of so negative here, but I’ve seen too many stories about doc’s brushing stuff off. Like an ambulance driver not taking a kid to the hospital because he’s just ‘bruised’ and it turns out he has some infection and his skin cells are dieing (cellulitis or something I think) or the little girl whose headaches are brushed off as some childhood sickness and it turns out to be a mass on her brain-stem. At least get a second opinion.

        1. Maybe the “It’s nothing” needn’t be taken so literally. Maybe the patient found a lump, was really nervous, went into the doctor, and the doctor ran a whole battery of tests, scans, biopsies, etc., and found out that the lump (while scary to find), turned out to be benign! I’m pretty sure that would still be a pretty AWESOME moment, don’t you?

          And I’m sorry to come off so positive here, but being married to a very hard working, intelligent and amazing physician, I feel like we live in an age today where people have come to view the medical field with suspicion and distrust. My experience being surrounded by countless doctors (both professionally and personally) is that there may be MANY problems with our healthcare system, but careless or stupid doctors wouldn’t be on the top of my list.

          1. Yes indeed it’s pretty AWESOME and I can attest to that! I had/have a “lump” on my thyroid gland and had to go to several doctors, and had several ultrasounds and biopsies and in the end found out the “lump” (it’s more like lots of little nodules) is totally benign.
            I cannot tell you the relief I felt that the minute I walked through the doctor’s door she told me it was benign. Before I even took my seat. She knew that I needed to hear those results right away. And while the news was good news, she still squeezed my hand while she said it. Awesome doctor :0)
            I still need some treatment, but I didn’t have to hear the scary “C” word and I’ll take visits and tests all over again to not be faced with that.

              1. I went through 3 years and countless -ologists who said “its nothing” till a month ago i found out i have a very serious autonomic nervous system disorder.

    1. That’s hopefully when you get to say, “I TOLD YOU SO!” it’s minor and/or in plenty of time, “repairable”. If not soon enough, haunt the dicken’s out of them…that’s what I always say:)…;)…=D

    1. Do not catch anything you’ll need a doctor or mechanic for…only jewels, candies and an awesome time, okay…thanks:)

  2. I think the key phrase to this one is “finding out” that it’s nothing. So, it’s the “finding out”, after some investigation and/or tests that’s it’s nothing, or nothing to be worried about . Finding a lump in wierd places and getting it checked out only to find out it’s an ingrown hair, vs, something that needs further testing, is AWESOME.
    And I think that is what he means here.

      1. Or even just the dentist’s equivalent:

        “NO CAVITIES!!!!!”

        (That’s always our response – and level of excitement – that my wife and I give each other after one of us gets a clean trip to the dentist office).

        1. Oh yeah! I have to say, changing my lifestyle into a more healthier lifestyle has definitely helped me for the better. Flossing and brushing the right way definitely pays off, too! If only everyone knew…

  3. On the exact contrary, this is one of the least awesome things I can think of. “Nothing’s wrong with you” – oh that is great news considering the lump/spots/itch/pain/fever/dizziness/cough/nauscea/tiredness/whatever still remains and, apparently, there is nothing to do about it as it is “nothing”. And I took time off work and paid for the doctor’s appointment for no reason. Brilliant.

  4. Oh, that lump…it’s just a big zit.
    Had a thump on your head…don’t think about it, it will go away.
    This wee bump…Charlotte appears to have layed eggs here, sol good.

    …On The Other Hand…I Have 4 Finger’s And A Thumb!!

  5. This post could not have come at a better time. Thank you 100 Awesome Things. I just decided to look at this website for some comfort while I wait for my test results

  6. Seriously… I’d love to know what that feels like since the world’s most un-awesome thing might be to spend four hours in a waiting room waiting for some doctor to show up and to then here “wow, I’ve never seen that; wait a moment for my colleague to have a look at that”, to then wait another hour for that colleague to show up and be told to come back in a week for further tests… that are gonna cost you something, even though your insurance originally claimed to cover it. Gotta love the healthcare system. ^^

  7. YES!! This one is very awesome on both counts (doctor and mechanic). Great to know that no expensive and invasive “body work” needs to be done. Well, that’s a relief! Pull your pants back on, and go merrily on your way.

      1. When the bill comes, it’s time to bend over… sorry, as this is a family site I tried to make a subtle reference, but since you asked…

  8. A few years ago, a routine mammogram turned into a couple of weeks of restests, a sonogram, and a visit to a specialist, which all resulted in a final: All’s Clear! Yea! What a relief!

  9. I found these. Was told they were in my head. Guess what, they were! Could be fixed and are! Really great doctors who cared to, AS awesome!

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