54 thoughts on “#42 Seeing old people really get down on the dance floor

  1. Seeing old people doing anything is awesome.

    Holding hands.

    Swearing on the odd occasion.

    Playing video games.

    And yes, definitely smashing it up on the dance floor.


    1. I agree, I always smile when I see something like this. Recently here in NH an Old man had BLASTING on his stereo in the car Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow. We haven’t gotten much this year. And at the time it was just lightly coming down, maybe got an inch. But he seemed pretty excited about that. I wanted to dance with him in the Parking Lot.

        1. Hi Mary-
          I’m originally from Atlanta, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE New Hampshire. Were you blessed to come from here?

          1. My hubby is a NH native, but I’m a transplant. I’ve been in New England for 30 years, but in NH for only the last 6.

      1. I’d like a colouring book! An Awesome t-shirt and 1000 Awesome Thing’s.com blog coffee table book-(mean no dis-respect…sorry if I’m
        “A little out of hand”…HA!)

  2. “Put You Hands Up In The Air, Put Your Hands Up In The Air…Put Your Hands Up In The Air, Put Your Hands Up In The Air…” Oh, it looks like some-body really got into the groove of that tune…
    And YES…Absolutely, rootin-tootinly AWESOME!

          1. I love how the cowboy and then gold shirt join in and really get down too…seemingly inhibitionless…AWESOME!

  3. Omigosh, it’s so funny seeing my nana dance because she looks like a snob! But she dances beautifully. Mum and all her friends dance the same way… Swaying and somehow incorporating little things in here and there. My friend I were watching them at Mum’s birthday once and had a giggle. They all have heaps of fun though and we all have fun watching and seeing everybody having a good time.

    It makes GREAT exercise too! Everyone should get active somehow! Keeps us healthy yo!

        1. I also couldn’t really figure out what’s going on there.. I’d just assumed that there were some old people lepers that were previously on the dance floor. But there aren’t many things awesome about leprosy, so I figured that’s probably not it.

    1. YES! I couldn’t believe it when none of the earlier posts mentioned it. I was beginning to believe I was hallucinating. Thankfully you got it out in the open it so I can cancel that psych eval now.

      1. That’s what I was talking about off the get-go, with all the hand-songs punning about…like, “Hands to the left of me, joker’s to the right…”

    2. I think they’re supposed to mimic how the men are dancing- like picture those as their hands, moving right and left for the first guy and up and down for the second. =)

    1. When I was a kid and I heard my parents laughing in the other room, I always assumed they were making fun of me behind my back. Not that that’s something they would do, but you know…when you’re a kid you think the world revolves around you.

  4. I was on the dance floor together with my aunt and grandmother, three generations dancing full out together! That was awesome. And sweaty!

  5. I can’t get on youtube at the moment – but if I could I’d show you all the footage of a senior breaking it down on vinyl. DJ Nan FTW!

  6. My mother, now 84, was quite the ballroom dancer and won quite a few trophies. She’s had dementia for a few years now. My sister picked her up last week from the center where she spends 3 days a week. The nurse motioned to my sister to not let my mother see her. THere was my mother getting downon the dance floor hip hop style. Too funny. It was neat because she has no memory of dancing in her 50s when we tell her about it. Rhthym never leaves you , i suppose :)

  7. I think the phantom hand drawings are supposed to mimic how they’re dancing- like picture those as their hands, moving right and left for the first guy and up and down for the second. =)

  8. If there is supposed to be motion involved here, my computer isn’t getting it. Is there something special I should be doing in order to see the people actually dance?

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