#39 That one really nice guy at work

Work can be stressful.

Big deadlines and late nights, tough customers and tough fights, and killer projects that mean try as you might, you can’t get it right. Toss in confusing plans and traffic jams and sometimes you’re spinning, gninnips, spinning, dizzy and alone, in cubicle unknowns.

That’s what makes that one really nice guy at work so great.

Now, down at my office we’ve got Sam The A/V Guy.

Sam’s a bit scruffy, smiles a lot, and wears unbuttoned polo shirts and running shoes every day. He sets up sound and video, makes sure conference calls work, but really … he does so much more. He asks about your weekend and swings by Monday morning to see how it went. He smiles and laughs in the hallway and puts everyone in a great mood. He says yes all the time and breaks through office clutter to remind us the world is a pretty simple place.

Smile lots, say hi in the hallways, and treat everyone the same.

Because at the end of the day the best leaders might not wear the sharpest suits, fanciest shoes, or pointiest ties.

More often than not they’re just the really nice guys.

I say when we look back on our lives, when the company goes bust, when the rat race is over, it’s that really nice guy we trust. So love him today, love what he says, listen to him forever, and make sure to tell him he’s


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43 responses to “#39 That one really nice guy at work

  1. Yes I agree. I’m very lucky to be surrounded by many nice people in my workplace. A guy just brought in a bunch of books to lend to us to read! Another woman has helped me figure out how I can get my dental health care covered and yet another woman has invited me over, cooked me dinner and bought me a nice, cold bottle of cider! My workmates are all lovely and give out awesome positive vibes here and there for different areas. It’s just great. It definitely overrides the few baddies that you find in every work place. But even then – there is some good in everyone and everybody’s heart seems to be in the right place.

  2. Oh yeeeah, I love that guy! :)

  3. Sal

    Awesome post! I think every work place has a Sam in it if we look hard enough…. Let’s make sure that the “Sam” in ever company gets appreciated and even better yet – find a little Sam in yourself and make your company a better place to work!

  4. Laura

    Ours is our evening custodian. He is SO. NICE. It’s unbelievable, really, how nice he is. He always goes above and beyond, both in his work and conversationally. He is DEFINITELY awesome.

    When I was a graduate assistant, there was this guy who worked in the education building named Rob. He was the main tech guy on campus, and he sounds just like your work’s Sam. He was always drinking coffee, and always wore tennis shoes … I think it was because he worked his butt off and literally sprinted all over campus to get things accomplished for others.

  5. There really isn’t a person like that in my office. I’m the nicest one here, but that doesn’t seem to matter much here. It seems like complaining, gossiping and secrets are the way to go at my office.

  6. I AM that really nice guy at work!

  7. Michelle

    That’s excellent!

    As an “A/V guy” myself — I love that the job lets me get to know almost everyone at work because everybody needs tech help sometimes. :)

  8. WoolMoon

    Our one nice wonderful guy IS the only GUY at work. He brings that little bit of testosterone that is needed in a sea of estrogen that makes him MY hero!! The women scrap and bicker and Jesse just smiles. I LOVE YOU JESSE!!!

  9. wendy

    If Sam were a movie, he’d be one of my glue movies, “I am Sam!”
    If Sam sung, he’d sing like a meadow lark=>
    If Sam was a muppet, he could be…!
    Sam’s sunny disposition is yellow-orangey:)
    If Sam was offered Green Eggs and Ham, I’ll bet he’d say, “Yes mam!”
    I imagine if Sam was in this video he’d be dancing about like the little girl in the pink gingham dress with the long braids and her whole body in it… showing the world what it’s really all about and quite possibly, perhaps this is Sam’s anthem~

    Thank’s be to all Sam’s who freely and unencumberedly make any space happier:)

  10. jdurley

    Aw, yeah! Life’s too short to waste it being a jerk-face. Let’s all strive to be that nice person at our places of work. Who’s with me? I see I have “The Hook” on board already. Who else? C’mon!! Even for one day, let’s give it a shot. Go out of your way to help others at work today and see what a difference it makes.

    (Special note to Freddo: this applies even to people on Team Edward. I’m serious. Vampire-lovers are people too. sort of.)

    • Freddo

      I agree – we need less jerk-faces.. not just at work, but in the world in general.

      And I agree re; Team Edward. I mean, if I have to hang out with someone on Team Edward, I’d at least expect them to be nice.. (their personalities should be like Edward in the sunlight – all sparkly!)

      • Magda

        What would you do if you ran into Edward in the street? You know, in those dark glasses, pretending not to be who he is? It’s kinda like a celebrity meeting. Do you play along, and ask “David” about his family, or do you casually walk him into a beam of sunlight and then out him? Same goes friends too, like if your favorite bartender suddenly shows up . . . oh, you get the point.

  11. This is me. I’m awesome thing 39.

    • wendy

      YES, I can see this~ your smiling…# 39 painted on your big AWESOME sign and you belting out Neil Diamond’s “I AM I SAID!”

  12. meghna

    yes..i 2 had dat 1 really nice guy at work..dis post took me 4 months back in kerala, a place far away frm my hometown bareilly(U.P)…whr i went 4 ma training, btw ol d hustles & bustles of d new city, first job & dat entirely new culture, dat guy added sunshine 2 my lyf..:) actually dere wr more dan 1:) thnx is wrd 2 small 4 ma cllgs..:):) awsme post!!!

  13. Taylor

    This is my art teacher at school, she makes you feel like you’re the only student she has, when really you’re more like 1 in 120. She is optimism at it’s purest; not even a spilled, 2 ton container of acrylic paint will bring her down!
    We love you Ms. Fraser! :D

  14. Becca

    This post also applies to the one really nice classmate. Keep it up, all you wonderful people!

    • Patricia

      The boy who says good morning to everyone in the 7:30 AM history class with the mean teacher… the girl next to you in math class who brings up your homework so you both don’t need to get up… the senior who has a kind word for all the underclassmen (even the grumpy sophomore two seats down)… man I love these guys. And man, I love this post!

  15. Types like these are rarity and I wish we had more in every office especially in mine.

  16. Your blog is brilliant. I am so glad that I have found it. I always know a smile is headed my way each time I open the page. Thanks for the happiness!

  17. Yo! That is “ME”! Bekah is right too! :((

  18. lana

    he’s EE tim in our workplace. just one call and he’ll do anything w/o hesitation & complain. luv this guy, makes my work easier & stress-free :-) AWESOME

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