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  1. Gorgeous pictures! Earth is so stunningly beautiful. Other life forms might think we’re biased, but I think even they would have to agree that Earth is the best. :)

    1. Totally! That’s what I never understand about sci-fi movies with alien invasions, where they come and blow up earth.. don’t you think they’d get here, and say: “You know what, this is pretty awesome? Way better than Zolton, som 65.6 light years from here.. Rather than blow it up, I think I’m going to rent a nice little condo on the beach..”

        1. Yeah – but they always seem to destroy it in the process. I mean, I think we can all agree that Current Earth > Post-Apocalyptic Earth, amirite?

  2. Amazing pics and what a great reminder! It’s so easy to forget how beautiful this planet is when we’re staring at computers, running around, or sitting in offices.

  3. Seriously. Earth rocks.
    If you ever get a chance to watch the BBC “Planet Earth” series, I highly recommend it. Truly awesome in it’s beauty and diversity. And the photography is magical!

    1. Totally agreed! Best documentary ever! (If you can, try to watch the original BBC version (with Richard Attenborough narating.. the US version has Signourney Weaver.. she’s fine, but lets be honest – no Richard Attenborough for something like this..)

      1. Seconded! I own the Attenborough version because I thought he would be the more appropriate narrator. What didn’t occur to me until I watched it was that l wouldn’t be able to relate to any of the measurements. Oops!

        1. LOL – I love it!

          Richard Attenborough: “Look at this amazing Cheetah.. he weighs appoximately 8 stone and is approximately 1.5 yards long. He can eat at least a peck of prey per day (0.25 bushels). Often he will stalk his prey for at least 4 leagues before making his strike.”

          Jen325: “Uhhh.. what??”

  4. SO blessed to have phenomenal clear views of mountains, forests, miles of fresh water lakes; wild-life including families of Sasquatch and Ogopgo’s… one of the best seats in the planets`house with a super-nova view of starry skies, dragon, butter and fire flies! Northern lights, lightning shows…beautiful snow storms and rainbows. Rising and setting sunsets as well as cresent to full moons. Walking, talking, hugs and touch…can’t imagine there’s another I could love this much<3

    1. A friend from the Netherland’s sent me this for Christmas:) It reminds me of last summer one day, when I saw a monarch butterfly and I very slowly layed down on the grass beside it and then I heard it drinking nectar from the flower and this was just so AWESOME! I hadn”t heard this, or perhaps given myself permission to be this still since I was about the same age as the child in the video! And then I forwarded it to a child-hood friend in need and who looked exactly like her when we were young! So grateful…thank you!

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