35 thoughts on “#32 Stretching your legs after a really long car ride

  1. Ahhh, yes!

    But am I the only one who finds that after a few minutes of stretching, you need to sit down again, because it suddenly feels like you’ve been standing for hours?

    I guess long car drives confuse my legs… o_O

    1. I make a drive upstate monthly and know all of the restroom stops along my route. Sometimes, I play the bathroom game: passing a regular stop to await stopping ’til the next place. Usually, that’s 25 miles or so, but I’ve occassionally made it through two stops! Yea, I won! When I finally make the much needed pit stop, I’m barely able to get out of the car and run into the bathroom! It’s the little things, right? :)

    2. #529 surely is an awesome thing… and saying “Ahhhhh” after.
      Traveling with kids, you’re always stopping for bathroom breaks, so the adults don’t really have to wait too long either.

      1. when jdurley wakes from her la’la’land dream state, I wonder if she’ll think there’s some serious tick-tick-ticking going on here…eh?

      2. I thought I’d read about holding it before, but couldn’t remember which post. I looked #529 up and noticed I hadn’t commented. That made me wonder, was I reading the blog back then? Hmmm, I thought I’d discovered it by then, but perhaps not. Had I known what I’d stumbled upon when I read a post for the first time, I would have made a mental note to remember that very first post. I know some of you have been here since #1000, but does anyone else remember which post was your first? I’m off to review past posts to see if I can remember.

        1. I will remember forever and be eternally grateful! I was praying for something beyond affirmations which one day contradict the next leaving me so very confused! I discovered Neil’s story in an Reader’s Digest, raced home and googled Tedx…it was Christmas Eve and I felt God heard me! #340~ Feel it in your bones~ was the first I read…undescribably moving. And some followers had written a song!! It was so cool! I was so stoked! I went outside to ice-skate in our back yard on the rink my husband had made that day and I fell on my right hip and REALLY felt it in my bones!!!

          1. OOPSI-DAISY~ it was New Year’s EVE!
            And great question by the way, Kathy. I actually thought you came in after me b/c I seem to recall Freddo and jdurley welcoming you…but I may have read that when I was playing catch up. Funny and true story… when I started commenting from 1000, I was so new to all this, I thought my comments were just being added/filed into archives. I was so far behind I had no idea anyone was reading them, but maybe Neil. It wasn’t until “Peas”, I realized through Magda, Freddo, Laura, some reference to Ninjas and Ducks, what exactly was going on and then I had to go all the way back to the beginning and subscribe! *I HAD TO!* And then I wished I had a cyber eraser for some for sure!!! Hahaha!

            1. You know, now you guys made me go back and try to figure it out when I started on here & I can’t pick it! – Because I remember the day I found this site, I love it that much that I spent the entire afternoon going back & reading all the ones that I had missed, so now when I look back – I remember them all!

              Oh well – while on my quest to find my start post, I found #843 – which is pretty much the same is this post – but with the peeing in it as well!

              it’s all good though neil – its such an awesome feeling it deserves two posts :)

        2. I know I started sometime in 2010, around book release time…I think. I did the same as simone after I discovered the site: read the archive contents.

        3. My first was #844 – Celebrities on Sesame Street!! A friend posted it on Facebook and I have been hooked ever since :o)

          1. Hey everybody, I discovered if you go to your subscribe account you can see exactly when you joined:)

  2. Um, #1 is fast approaching and I’m just wondering, will there by some sort of fanfare for it? I mean, it seems so momentous that surely there should be something…worldwide fireworks, a 24-hour televised global rock concert, or even a change in font or shuffling of icons? May I suggest that for many of us, #1=Neil & his blog. Thanks!

    1. I wonder what #1 is going to be. I think it will be love. Love really is the best thing, in all its various forms. After all, it is all you need, like the Beatles said.

    2. Good thinking Kathy! We need to have some sort of fanfare.. (though instad of a rock concert, my mind went immediately to trumpets, regal banners, and a jousting competition..)

      It’s scary how quickly #1 is going to be upon us.. and what then?!?!!?

      1. Freddo, you reminded me of some GOOD times- for our kids dry grads committee hired Too Much Fun Amusements co. who have jousting, sumu wrestling and well, er ah, way Too Much Fun, all night long!!
        I believe Bruce and his E-Street band will be rocking near your place in April…I think a combo of both could come together very well!!!
        And maybe we could super-size it with Emmy’s choir!!!

      2. Trumpets, banners, jousting?! I love it! Do make all of the necessary arrangements, Freddo, and we’ll all be there! I can chip in $5!

      3. Trumpets, banners, and jousting?! Splendid idea! Please make the necessary arrangements, Freddo, and we’ll be there! Hey, I can chip in $5!

        1. jen325, I couldn’t agree more, I think Love may just be #1 and the Beatles hit single, “All You Need Is Love”, for sure, which was released June14,1967. Very shortly after, this was released; which should follow IMMEDIATELY after love b/c we LOVE Awesome, Neil! Right everybody!

  3. oh! another really awesome thing is lying down flat on the bed after stooping over your desk for so long….and then feeling your back crack.
    ! love that felling…the popping sound of your back cracking and then relief!

    i also really love that tingly feeling you get when you start walking when your leg is asleep.

  4. I have knee problems. They hurt 75% of the time. I can’t have them bent for too long and it hurts to get up out of the floor or climb steps (but I still do it), so stretching out my legs always feels awesome. Sometimes after long car rides I feel like I have forgotten how to walk or something because my legs are so stiff.

    1. Me too! I have pretty short legs, so long car rides don’t hurt me as much as they probably hurt other people, but they still hurt.

  5. Unless you’re the geekteen, and your long spider legs have been flung all over the car in various positions (across the back seat, scrunched up in a tuck with toes pressed into kidney of person sitting in front seat, feet up on passenger headrest, sticking between the front seats, etc.)

  6. Haha, just got back to Toronto from Australia yesterday, so standing up on my feet for the first time in over 10 hours was an experience like this!

  7. This is really awesome, it always happens with me. Twice a week i go to Miguel Pereira from São Paulo, it is four hundred and tirthy kilometers, around five hours driving stopping only to put fuel. And Miguel Pereira is really my home, the city where my wife and me were born. Normally we arrived at 2:00 a.m., and very tired, the first thing that i do when i put my car in the garage is stretching my legs…it is amazing.

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