33 thoughts on “#25 Kindergarten class photos

  1. in primary school, every single class photo i was in – I was ALWAYS put in the front row – right on the end. either side, didnt matter – just always on the end
    I have always been the shortest one in the grade, and the photographers always seen that!
    anyway.. I love my kindy photo :)

    1. I was always the opposite! Tall and in the back row, almost every time. I love all my group school pictures, too … not because of how I look in them (ugh!), but because it’s so funny to see all my classmates!

    2. hey simone, i read your earlier posts and coulnt help but wonder about your husband’s cousin how he still hangs with you guys..coz im in a similar situation…..

      Do you ever think of you and him in the past, or picture him naked or remember obscene scenes, because I’m not sure I can cope with being a part of my exes life forever ( I am engaged to his brother now).

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  2. Oh my goodness! Okay, I know he would be about 57 years old now, but I totally want to hug the little cutie in the top-left row of the second photo — LOOK AT THE BOW TIE!!

    *squeezes* You’re adorable! :D

    But on another note, kindie photos are awesome, particularly if the people in those photos stick together years later. This was the case for me — we were about half way through our high school years when my mate showed up with her kindie photo. So many of us were in it, and those who weren’t had a great time picking everyone out and “aawww”ing at the little faces. :P

    1. At the risk of making things sound even worse, I figured the last day as April 19 or thereabouts. I had to be certain since I was seeing the doc today to plan surgery (LOL). We scheduled it for April 25, so a couple of sad/happy times in April! Sad to have icky surgery, but happy to get much better! Sad to see this list end, but happy I ever wandered in here in the first place!

      Kindergarten pics…how in the world does he come up with this splendid stuff?!

    2. D:> This is terrible. My brother keeps saying that the countdown will go on after 1, but I don’t want to hope for something THAT amazing!!

  3. Oh my goodness, I LOVE kindergarteners! They are my favorite! :) That’s definitely what I would be teaching if I weren’t teaching 3rd grade. I love their funny little candid expressions in all these (well, and ANY) pictures!

    When I was in elementary school, we did this style of picture all the way up through fifth grade … now our district doesn’t do them anymore. So sad, I won’t have any pictures like this with the children I’ve taught!

    1. Laura, I undestand teacher’s are taking a lot from pocket these days but just want to share a firend’s solution with you: They take turns taking group pics one fine fall or spring day with their digital camera. Email to families with computers and for those without they set a deal up with local print shop and get discounted multiple copies:)
      p.s. feels like a ghost town in here, eh:(

  4. Too cute! I love all those pictures up there.
    All through Kindergarten my daughter had this ‘chipmunk’ smile. Her lips would kind of disappear, her cheeks would puff out because she’s smiling so big to show as much teeth as possible. It was cute.

  5. I love the old group photos and remember how disappointed I was when they stopped those with my kids! Such good fun to look back and see the antics going on; personalities shining through. Some still have the Bambi in headlights forced smile; all so cute!!!
    I remember the pressure for the perfect appearance and smile on picture day being intense!
    Neil, is that you in Mrs.Lockhart’s class? Sure looks like you….
    ps. I’m no longer able to get on here with my email=no longer able to suscribe…wein, whine, woes me

    1. Suddenly it just clicked…I referenced #495…I stand corrected:)
      Suppose riding off into the sunset is pretty darn fitting, Neil:)

      1. Wendy. 1000 Awesome Things isn’t awesome without YOU. It’s just 1000 Things. Come back?!! :)

  6. I just love old class pictures. I picked up two at a garage sale a while back that are from Chicago-area Catholic schools in the 1930’s, I’d guess. Everyone looks so stern!

  7. Awwwwww
    I love how some kids turn up in their regular clothes and others are all dressed up in fancy dresses and little suits.

    Seeing those pictures reminds me of when I found my graddad’s class photo from when he was about five. It was pretty easy to tell which one he was by his mischevious little grin. Even after 80 years some things never change.

    1. I have my dad’s early school pics from the 30s and they’re marvelous to view whenever I want to see my dad. To think, that moment in time was captured before he was married, before he had kids, before he aged, before he grew ill…back when his whole life was ahead of him and he looked at the camera with such clear eyes.

  8. They’re so fun to look back on. It’s also entertaining to see little kids get their school pics. They get so excited and laugh like crazy! All kids just have this innocent, life joy aura that you can so clearly see in kindy pics. :)

  9. I was in kindy in 2000!!! But I think the American version of kindy is the year before year 1? Our kindy is before pre-primary, which is before year 1. Anyway, kindy photos are always so so cute. Even I was a bit of a cutie back then :D
    I don’t hang out with anyone from my primary school anymore, let alone people I went to kindy with, so it’s fun seeing friends’ photos and trying to spot them :) Some look so different I can’t spot them, and some look exactly the same, even though they were four then and are sixteen now.
    I remember for my pre-primary photo, the teachers said wear something nice, and I thought that meant very pretty and dressed up, so I INSISTED to my Mum that it meant I should wear the dress I wore as flower girl to some friends’ wedding. We had to sit on the little bikes and play in the sandpit for the photographer, and you can imagine I changed out of my dress straight after that! Ahhh, I was a funny child :)

    1. I had my kindergarden photos in the late 90s. I always wore a brightly coloured sun dress and a big smile :D

  10. I love how in the last picture there is the kid, on the front row far right, and he’s doin’ this thing with his eye brows … that made my day.

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