#22 Stars

They show up in the dark.

And when you look up in the dark you see their twinkling beauty, burning yesterday, light years away. Stars remind us how small we are, how far we’ve come, how fast we’re flying, and how we’re never all done. Atoms inside us were in outer space one day … and all of our atoms will fly again that same way.

Millions of suns, flickering in silence, shimmering, sparkling, twinkling,


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    1. Yes, just got back from a trip to Australia and had a chance to camp on remote Johanna Beach, and the stars were amazing, unlike anything we ever saw, millions upon millions! Plus down there you see constellations unlike in the north, like the Southern Cross among others. After about 200 pictures, finally figured out how to put the camera on a post with a manual 30-second exposure to get fabulous pics to remember. So special! And AWESOME post!

  1. just staring at the stars is one of my favourite things to do – as well as staring at a full moon.
    there is just something so mesmerising about it. i could stay there all night just staring into space :)
    i’ve always loved it so much that when I was younger my mum bought me a packet of glowing stars which i had stuck on my celing in my bedroom & would fall asleep to them every night :) I loved it!
    They actually only just came down last year when my parents re painted the house. I really wanted them to go back up – but my dad said no cause the blutack would ruin the fresh paint! :(
    my kids will definitly have stars on their celings!

    1. Love the glow in the dark stars! I am in my mid 30’s and in my last apartment I made constellations on my bedroom ceiling. The wonder of stars never grows old!

    2. I have glowing stars too! So does my brother! If I ever got a new room, I would get even more to put up!

    3. Awh, I loved those stars in my old-old bedroom. Thanks Daddy for putting those up for me. :)

  2. Stars are indeed awesome. What makes them more awesomer (ha ha) for me is the reality that the light we see from the stars is millions, if not billions, of years old. It’s humbling to think that what we see originated long before our prehistoric ancestors ever ambled across ancient savannahs. I wonder what light show they saw in the night sky.

  3. yes! some of the ones before this have been, not to be buzzkill, 1st world kind of experiences. The most awesome things are things that everyone knows and are free to enjoy.

  4. You are so right….looking at the stars does make me feel so tiny. I love star gazing. I miss the country sky. It was like you could the entire sky. Now, where I am, I only half of a sky. The lights from the shopping center cancel out the stars.

    1. Higher? It’s number 22! That puts it in the top 2.2% of all awesome things! That’s pretty Awesome!! :)

  5. Yes, this is a truly awesome thing – especially if you can get out into the country, or ocean away from cities. Light pollution is really ruining our night sky view – sometimes I am jealous of the ancients and their unpolluted view of the night sky. And then I remember that we have flush toilets. ;)

      1. *tick*?? hehehe…

        Yeah – a really uninterrupted night sky is something to behold.. I remember the first time I was somewhere truly dark and saw the Milky Way for the first time… I was like: “Whaaaaaattttttt???? Has that always been there?!? That is ridiculous!!”

        (And even though I had to use a drop toilet that night, it was still totally worth it!)

  6. I love looking at the stars. I’m in awe when I think that they are really just illusions of something from millions of years ago. Too bad I can’t see them in Chicago’s orange night sky.

  7. We are heading for the country this weekend. We always make a point of stargazing when we are there. You can actually see them out away from city lights. So beautiful.

  8. Stars never fail to bring me happiness every time I look up. We are so small compared to the vast universe and our problems begin to seem so miniscule. When you look up, you see the same stars I am seeing. They unite the world.

  9. I live in a really small town. Sometimes people complain that there is nothing to do in a small town, and wished they lived in a bigger city where there is more to do. But the other day I looked outside at night and saw a bunch of stars sprayed across the sky. You can’t see as many stars in a city, because of the light pollution. I immediatley thought about how crazy everyone was for wanting to live in a city, when they can experience this beauty in their own backyard.

    1. You’re quite lucky to be able to see stars the way you can from where you live. The sky is a completely different spectacle in the city than it is in smaller, rural areas. People who live in the city think they can see the stars – but they can hardly see anything but specks in the sky! When people can realize the beauty of nature, they won’t need the chaos of the city to keep them entertained ;)

  10. When I was 12, the entire seventh grade in my school went to an overnight trip for 3 days. The first night was amazing–the sky was perfectly clear and the stars were incredibly bright. Less smog choking the night scene than the city. Running around in the forest minus a flashlight looking for burrs was fun.

  11. I hope everyone knows that we are made of “star stuff”. All the atomic particles that make up a star (Carbon, Oxygen, Iron, Hydrogen) is in all of us. In order for us to be born, a star had to die and send out its wonderful particles.

    Whenever you feel down, just remember that you’re born of a star. =D

  12. it’s a shame that living in a big city like Hong Kong doesn’t really give me many opportunities to see that stars…the level of light pollution is saddening
    I am waiting for a night that I can sleep on an open field and just watch the stars and moon…

  13. Burning stuff…far from us…gives light to us, light to the universe…gives beauty to the universe.

  14. I just got back from a trip, and I went to an observatory where they can project the night sky onto the inside of the domed ceiling. It was so cool. And it made me think how small we are in this giant universe full of humongous stars that are so far away, they look like flecks of gold and silver against the dark sky.

  15. We live on a farm in a rural area of Ontario away from all the town/ city lights and the stars are always mesmerizing!!! Love looking at them. Takes me away to a serene place!

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