#16 Staying out till the place shuts down

Bringing down the house.

When your party spins till the disco ball stops and the lights go pop then you know you’re having a great time. Big toes peeking through nylons, tongues hanging out like dogs, bangs sweatglued to your forehead — you’re groggily stumbling out the door, itching for more, rushing till four.

Long nights, strong nights, going out till dawn nights — these are the moments you shrug off all worries, shake away the pain, and close your eyes and dissolve into the bright lights again.


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37 thoughts on “#16 Staying out till the place shuts down

  1. YES! This always happens to me at music festivals.

    I also love it when you’re out with friends at a restaurant or something social and the place is packing up around you, but you’re still there talking and having a laugh with your mates. I’m always reluctant to leave, but when we all have to leave, I find the warmth and joy of the night stays with me. So awesome. Good times!

  2. I feel like my days of partying till the sun comes up are mostly behind me at this point.. but this can still be appreciated by the less-wild amongst us as well..

    I’ve had some great nights out for dinner (either with my wife, or a group of friends), where we sat down pretty late, and the conversation was as good as the food, and before we knew it, we were the last people in the restaurant and it was well after midnight.. Those are some of my fondest memories of meals out.

    (Oh – and with the log-in issues, I still haven’t been able to comment much recently, so haven’t had a chance to say: Yay Hunger Games!! amirite?!?!)

      1. I knew it was you! Gah…I hate my gravitar. I want something pretty like Bekah.

        Did you like the movie? The book was so darn good I felt like I was destined to dislike it. I think real fans of the book wouldve rather it been 4hrs long that have anything taken out or changed. The one person who saw it with us who didn’t read it thought it was awesome though.

        1. I can’t find anyone to go with me to the see the movie! I’m going to have to go by myself soon. Its seems like I’m the only one that’s read the books where I work and live. I’ve tried to tell hubby that he’ll really enjoy it, but he doens’t believe me.

        1. Yes – very cool pictures! And my daughter and I are going to see the movie this weekend – can’t wait…

      2. I never think to check anyone’s IDs, but since the pic blog was mentioned, I check it out. Wow! That bit of hotel wall is just smashing! I’m thinking that your wonderful photographs, Bekah’s inspiring smiles, along with other’s blogs, I just may get through the end of Awesome OK. :)

    1. LOL, Freddo, as I was reading your comment, I didn’t twig that it was your poopy square, and I was thinking “hey, Freddo would really like this person.” Hahahahaha!

      I haven’t been to see Hunger Games yet because all of a sudden geekteen has MOUNTAINS of homework! I’m really hoping we can go on Sunday, but only if the novel study collage, the cocaine presentation, the math sheets, and the hydraulic roller coaster are finished.

    2. Hunger Games- one of the awesome things. or… going to a movie you read or are really looking forward to..

  3. This is pretty cool and always unexpected. It only happens on vacation as things here at home never close but when it happens out of town I’m always pleasantly surprised. The 1st time my friends and I heard the words”Last call!” we were shocked that that actually happened outside the movies!

  4. There is nothing, i repeat, nothing so liberating as being out with friends, partying and celebrating a shared love for music and fun. I maintain it keeps me young, staying out all night.
    Sometimes even better after last call is to shower and fall into bed and rest.

  5. I used to love shutting places down with my friends, but like Freddo, this isn’t usually me too much anymore. I still love hanging out for hours and hours with friends ’til we’re all ready to crash…start and crash times have just moved up a few hours now…LOL!

  6. When you are there ’till the place shuts down, it means you’ve outlasted all else. Awesome!

  7. Love it! This happened to me over Christmas. I hadn’t seen my best friends in months, and we arrived at a little dessert place just as it was starting to fill up. Suddenly (or not so suddenly) someone came over to tell us that it was midnight and the restaurant was closing. Such an incredible feeling, to have time slip away with those you love.

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  9. In a town where last call came shortly after 1 a.m., shutting the place down was no biggie! All for the best, though — I’m a morning person by nature and staying up late sometimes kills me! I loved doing this in college, even if it wasn’t a bar (more often than not, it was one of the downtown coffee shops or sadly even the library. LAME.)

    Anyhoo, it’s almost always the sign of an AWESOME night. It was great to keep the awesome going, too. Shut the place down and take it somewhere else, after-party style!

  10. Whenever the Place shuts down, it’s not a wild place for me. Usually a gift shop or something. Once, though, this really nice teenager let me stay for an extra 15 minutes at a little coffee shop. I gave her extra tips!!!

  11. I really agree with this item!!!!!!
    It made me feel really nice to leave the library when the music is on~

  12. I think this is the best item ever !
    I totally agree with this post, there’s nothing more amazing than party all night long. We need to enjoy our time ( we have a short live ), mainly at night. Otherwise, we will be always bored. Even more, going out with friends: it’s really relaxing.

    Just to conclude, there’s a Brazilian saying ( I don’t know if it exists around the world ) which says: ” The night is young “. So you should party more often, and have really good times as in Will. I. Am ‘s song.

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