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  1. This is nice to see, because sometimes people worry about tomorrow and yesterday so much, they forget about today. And today is just beginning.

  2. Today… is the day I leave a comment. I always come to this blog – at 12 am (and I keep refreshing the page till the new one for the day shows up). Anyway, even though I am a daily visitor, I never comment – so I thought I would take this “today” opportunity to thank you for the almost 1000 “today”s that you’ve brightened–for so many of us around the world. Neil, you do good. Thanks for everything.

  3. In our age of instant gratification and instant everything, we should take the time to live in the present and appreciate it!

  4. Today is the day to try a nutella hot chocolate if you havent yet done it! :D
    I like this post – short and simple yet sweet & to the point!

  5. That’s why today is the “present”. It’s the best gift one could wish for! Thank you so much Neil for all the AWESOME todays you’ve given us!

    1. :'(
      Not Happy Jan! ( i hope you understand that – or else I’m just gunna look like an idiot) lol

      1. …Simone, my name’s not Jan.

        Haha, kidding! Of course I understand — I say that phrase quite often, actually.

        It’s the non-Australians who are probably going to be confused as hell. ;)

        1. oh thank goodness! hahaha!

          well the non australians can just youtube it! – I actually googled it after i posted that comment & beleive it or not that ad came out in 2000! 12 years ago! crazy!!

  6. Today is the day I leave my first comment. I’ve been following 1000 Awesome Things for quite a while and just want to say thanks for adding a little something awesome to each ‘today’.
    From Carolyn in New Zealand

  7. Oh wow, this is so powerful. Today is a very awesome day indeed! Why, just today I have arrived at Rottnest Island for a week’s holiday, and am using the Internet Cafe to comment here :) Rawan, I love that saying about the present! :D Lovely to see a nice, short, cute and beautiful post to start off the last week with a subtle boom.

  8. Today is my birthday! And the first thing I did was come on here and see what #4 was and it’s so perfect :) Thank you

  9. Well put, Mr. Awesome! Today is the best day.

    Also, great article! After Thursday, we’ll all be uttering things a British grandma says when she stubs a toe (because the awesome has ended), but that day is not TOday, so we won’t worry about it yet.

  10. Trixierix is a research scientist? Wow, girl. Its amazing that I’ve talked to you guys for so long and have no idea what most of you do.
    Neil, high fives are always awesome, but a high five from God is beyond awesome!!
    Today… always live for today. That’s what I try to remember.

      1. Perfect selection, Laura! I was just racking through the Moody Blues, then read your comment and it goes so well with this 60’s quote I had on a poster with children running through a meadow full of wild daisies:
        “Today is the first day of the rest of your life!”
        I also thought I heard Emmy singing, “This is the day, this is the day, that the Lord has made, that the Lord has made, we shall be glad, we shall be glad and rejoice in it…” it’s the best we can do for now…but, “Come on people now…” I’m counting on a techy to build “it”, so we can all come!

      1. Risky yes, but exactly what I needed on this Monday morning!

        Waking up bleary-eyed after staying up too late watching a Game of Thrones marathon with my wife, I really needed a pick-me-up to tackle this Monday with gusto!

        Today is going to be GREAT!

  11. Lol. Or to be more precise: a research scientist that is in between positions who is moonlighting as a substitute teacher and test proctor for the last couple of weeks!

    When the reporter asked I was like “How did you know all of this??” being a new celebrity and all I have to protect my privacy. Apparently Google and Linked-In told all my business. ;)

    Yeah, I don’t know what anyone does other than Laura. (I think teacher?) If so, how do you do it? I’m exausted and this math is new!

    1. Wow, you are a famous research scientist…how cool is that?! I feel smarter just for hanging around ya on here. :D

        1. Which is very famous within the English language. ;)

          I actually Googled my full name and found heaps of junk on me and the work I do. It’s quite scary 0_0.

  12. Today includes my first comment! I haven’t commented on any of your posts before but I’ve been reading them since around number 800. I love the message and have tried to be more “awesome” oriented in my life. Thank you for the blog and I hope your time afterwards is filled with even more awesome ;)

    1. Welcome to the comments section! We’re glad you’re here! That’s wonderful that you try to be more “awesome-oriented” in your life. I love the way you said that. Cheers!

  13. Well, today is the first day i understand, that i don’t know what to do when this awesome countdown is over. Thank you for all the awesome things you showed us….most of them seemed so simple, but you showed me how to love every little moment. Thank you for that lesson!
    Greetings from Germany ;)

  14. Today is one of many days, past and future, where I try my utmost to live in the present and appreciate the moments as they go by. And you’ve helped, Neil. :)

  15. I like the article, especially the questions at the end. =)
    And I can’t believe it ends Thursday *sigh* but I’m glad he’ll be able to get away from the computer, hunch a little less, and enjoy the awesome things in life a bit more.

  16. Today is the only moment we have! love this entry!

    Not sure what I am going to do, after Awesome number 1, i might just start all over from 1,000!

    Hope your book tour brings you to Miami, Florida!!

  17. I may as well get my first comment in today too! :) I received the book over two years ago and have been a dedicated follower ever since. (As well as getting my friends and family into it!) What a great post, an AWESOME reminder.

      1. Hello & welcome, Bluenoser! This is a great day to be alive and a great day for your comment! :)

    1. Today was awesome & i get another chance to do it again tomorrow!! imma have to get this shirt!

  18. Today has been the beginning of the rest of my life. A day that I have just begun to stand and already am in mid-stride. I have always been thankful for everyday in my past, now I am aiming to take what I’ve learned and make it last. Thank you Neil, for it has been a blast reading everyday.

  19. Yes, today’s the day. And as Dr.Seuss says, ““Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting.” Neil, love your list.
    Maybe I missed it but I didn’t see running in there anywhere, it’s pretty awesome too- I hope it makes the top 3

  20. Today is Awesome! Making it even more awesome is reading posts from so many new posters! Hi everybody! I’m so glad you’re here and we’re all celebrating the awesome together!

  21. Completely awesome.

    Hey, Neil, my dog is all drugged up because of seizures (long story) so could you, like, I dunno, use your awesome powers to make him all better? Thank ya!

  22. It is easy to recall here the latin motto “carpe diem” (catch the day), and the words of a 14th century Italian poet and tycoon, Lorenzo il Magnifico: “Cogli la rosa o ninfa, ora ch’e’ il bel tempo” (Pick the rose, nymph, now that weather is good). Old thoughts, but still important.

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