#959 Planning for snoozes

Hopefully you don't normally set the alarm for midnight

If you’re like me, then a war is waged every morning near your alarm clock. It is a neverending series of epic clashes between The Awake You and The Sleeping You, with each side sticking to its guns, fighting fiercely in the ultimate battle for the first half hour of your day.

Sometimes it seems like if it were up to our subconscious selves, a lot of us would be lazing around in a world of rumpled sheets and dreams all day. You know how it is — maybe at night you’re a level-headed gal with a level-headed plan. “I’ll go for a quick jog tomorrow before work,” you say to yourself. “Maybe whip up some oatmeal afterwards.” But your groggy, bedheaded self just ruins everything the next day. “Let’s keep sleeping,” she convincingly suggests when the alarm goes off, hitting the snooze button on your behalf. “See you in nine!”

I don’t know about you, but for me until recently I’ve been trying to deceive the sleeping me with the only two weapons I’ve got: 1) moving the alarm clock to other side of the room in order to give my waking self time to figure out what’s happening, and 2) setting the time further and further ahead to try and trick my heavy-eyelided other half into believing they’re gonna make me really late.

But after years of playing the same game, it eventually happened. I hit a breaking point. I just couldn’t do it anymore. So now my new gig is trying to keep everybody happy. That’s right, keep snoozing in the picture and hold down a job at the same time. Folks, I’m talking about planning for snoozes. Adding them to the list. Budgeting them right in there. Finally giving them the credibility they’ve so long aspired to and letting them become an official Part Of The Day.

So now I say hey, if you absolutely must get out of bed by 8am, that’s fine. Just set the alarm clock for 7:30 first. Throw your sleeping self a bone and hook them up with three solid snoozes. And you know what, you win too! Those nine extra minutes sometimes feel like an hour, complete with vivid dreams and fresh drool on the pillow to show for it. You wake up refreshed, happy, and smiling. And the best part comes later in the day, whenever somebody asks how you slept — because you know what to tell them:


Instant heaven

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21 thoughts on “#959 Planning for snoozes

  1. Have been going through this situation in my life since I don’t know when!! And today, I just crossed all limits by putting the alarm off by snoozing!!
    Yet made to office in time!
    Just the perfect day to read this post first thing in the morning :)

      1. haha that’s not much use for a snooze button to cease ringing for that long! ahaha I gotcha there didn’t I?? You thought I believed it wasn’t a typo?? Well April Fools!!!
        Meanwhile, I SO DO THIS TOO! I set my alarm, on normal days at Mum’s house, for 6:46 so I can hit the snooze button and get up around 7:20 haha. That’s how dedicated I am to my snooze button. Although quite a few times I’ve accidentally disabled the alarm on my phone instead of pressing snooze and I’m mostly asleep so I don’t realise, then I sleep in til like 7:45 when Mum comes to wake me up :P Oops And that is when I get ready in just 40 minutes, record timing! I normally take an hour and a bit

  2. Here’s my morning-Hubby’s alarm goes off at 5:15, he hits snooze. 5:24 it goes off again. Snooze. 5:33. Snooze. 5:42. Snooze. My alarm then goes off at 5:45 and he jumps up cussing that he’s going to be late. Every morning. I’m up when his clock first goes off. I can’t snooze. It takes too long for me to go back to sleep. And he has the annoying loud beep alarm. I have a calming small beep alarm that gradually gets louder and faster if you take to long to get to it.

    1. Maybe you guys should just trade alarms? it would at least work the first morning, when he thinks it’s YOUR alarm, and therefore 5:45 already!

      1. That’s a good idea.
        My workplace has forbidden overtime now, so I have to start going in later. I’m sorta worried that hubby won’t wake up now until my alarm goes off. I’ll just have to make sure he gets up.

  3. 99% of the time I don’t use my snooze because I can’t fall back asleep so it just makes me run late without any benefits. This morning I just couldn’t get up at 5:58 am (yes, I know it’s a strange time). I hit the snooze for the first time in a really long time. I tried my hardest to go back to sleep, but I couldn’t make it happen {SIGH!}. I envy all you regular snooze users. I bow to your ability to fall back asleep so fast!

  4. I’m not much of a planner in the morning. I just put my alarm clock on the far side of my room, so that I have to get up and walk over to shut it off. By that time, it’s too late, and I’m already awake. It seems to work fine.

  5. Sir! Please don’t tell me that I bought your book to read the same stuff posted in this blog! That would be a definite waste of money!

    1. Sara! 1000 Awesome Things originally began its run many years ago! This is the second run-through online! Those of us who have been enjoying it for years are enjoying reading it again!

      I’m sorry you feel it’s a waste of money, but maybe you should consider changing your perspective. Remember the goal is to appreciate the awesome in our world. Neil has picked 1000, there are countless others. I hope you take the time to find some on your own. It’s good to read Neil’s list over again, either in his books or online, it helps us to appreciate all we take for granted.

      1. I do appreciate the little pleasures in life, that’s why the book captured my attention in the 1st place and that’s why I checked the blog! But it’s just that the 1st post I read here is the same one I 1st read in the book!

        Anyway, I’m the kind of person who reads the same book over and over! :)

  6. Actually I am a hard time getting up in the morning, it was always so, since I was very young. Maybe it’s because I can not sleep before 1 am every day, and then the next day I get up at 6:30. Well not so good if I’m too lazy or just.
    Equally strange muco before the alarm clocks, phones have now finished with the alarm or clock radio. Those were good if clocks, riudo really made an extremely annoying and woke you better. Now you put music on cell phones almost always invite to sleep hehe.
    Joe Hobbs – Recetas Faciles

  7. OMG, I ABHOR that snooze button! I don’t use the snooze as I can rarely fall back to sleep, but my boyfriend sets his alarm for 5:50AM and then hits snooze ’til he arises at 6:20. This means I hear the 5:50 alarm and lie there awake throughout his alarms…clock radio which goes off playing Country & Western music (I can barely tolerate it when I’m awake in a good mood!). So, to keep the peace, I go to bed in time so that awaking to his 5:50 alarm is fine…either that or if I stay up late, late enough and he keeps the volume low enough, I can sometimes sleep through it. I just don’t get that whole snooze thing! ~Kathy~

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