#903 Picking scabs

It's so bad it's good

There’s just something so tempting about picking your scabs.

Maybe it’s because they sort of brown, harden, and crisp up, and end up looking like small, bumpy countries on the side of a topographical map. You just can’t help but play God, cracking up the coastline, slowly twisting the island around, or just ripping the whole thing off in one painful shot.

I mean sure, it might sting a bit. But check out that brand new skin underneath. All flaky and pink, ready and waiting for whatever this great big world has to offer. Even if it offers another round of rollerskating without kneepads on a gravel driveway.

Yes, picking scabs is a sweet guilty release — like twisting your tongue into your loose baby teeth, popping big zits in the center of your cheeks, or dropping hot farts underneath the sheets.



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9 thoughts on “#903 Picking scabs

  1. AAARRGH!! Ewww! Haha, no thanks! I used to have a friend who’d do this every time she got a scab (which was unusually frequently…). I was always scrambling for her hands, desperate to make her stop!

    Not awesome for me, but apparently very much so for her.

  2. When I was a kid, yes. I would peel it off to see if I was healed for going to bleed and form another scap. Nowadays, though….no.

  3. Yeah, I’m a picker…always have been, probably always will be. They just niggle at me ’til I can stand it no more and then they simply have to come off! Perhaps that explains why I tend to get scars so easily…LOL! Wait, now that I think of it though, I definitely did NOT pick at the bits of scab and stitches after my recent surgery. I didn’t even like to look at the wound site…icky. Even the dressing over the surgical site caused big blisters that then scabbed, but I do not remember picking those either. I think the whole business simply hurt too much, plus I was pretty drugged up on painkillers so it didn’t niggle me as usual. Maybe I am finally aging out of picking?

    1. Niggle? LOL, I ‘ve never heard that term before.
      I completely understand about not wanting to look at the wound. After my c-section with Zach, I couldn’t tell you what the wound looked like until about 2 months after it had healed completely. It took me that long to even look at my scar

      1. I too picked the scabs as a child; still have scars to prove it, especially on my knees from bicycle wipe outs! As for surgical scabs, I can’t say I’ve ever picked them either! Too painful and afraid of reopening, infecting and interfering with natural healing. Funny and true story~ I had an abdomenal surgery in 1989. The surgeon said he gave me a smiley face. For years I thought, a smile, yes, but I don’t get the smiley face connection, until this summer when at a public pool someone else pointed it out: dots from chest are eyes, belly button is nose and then the smiley scar on bikini line! hahahaha!
        WOW! I could not believe how many years that took to realize!

  4. I got rid of a face mole myself twice that was near the surface. I used a paper towel to sand it away. It works and took just a few days to heal the redness.

  5. Aye, kind of gross. I’ve never really done this before. I also don’t get scabs that much nowadays. C’est la vie.

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