#879 The Parking Lot Pull Through

Sweet roll

Backing out of a parking spot is no fun.

You’re turning side to side, checking mirrors, moving real slowly, trying to size up how far away your car is from the next one. It’s an awkward three, four, five-point turn, as you twist your spine up, scrape your tires up, dent someone’s fender up, and narrowly avoid hitting a baby in a stroller up.

It’s a risky, twisty game of Lot Danger.

Ripped from the pages of How To Awesome Park

So take no chances and go for that beautiful Parking Lot Pull Through, a classic parking move that lets you drive right in and drive right out. The trick to pulling it off is finding a double-empty parking spot, entering it, and then driving up into the second spot.

And it’s great, because you get two smirky, satisfied smiles for the price of one. When you nail that PLPT, you’re loving it. And when you return to your car and drive right out, you’re loving it again. For those of you keeping track at home, that’s two awesomes for the price of one.




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6 thoughts on “#879 The Parking Lot Pull Through

  1. That’s a whole lotta AWESOME under one tree. It’s in danger of spontaneously combusting from the overload!

    And I totally love the PLPT, especially at this hectic time of year. :)

  2. I always get a bit ‘giddy’ when I can pull through into a parking space. I used to really hate backing my car up, so any chance I had at not backing up, I’d gladly take. I don’t care so much about backing up anymore, but I still enjoy the pull through.
    That’s what I forgot to put on my Christmas list! The 2013 calendar of awesome. But there’s still time.

  3. That does sound very awesome. It’s just so simple! And that is indeed a very large amount of awesome under that tree there. The Book of (Holiday) Awesome looks very festive. Especially with its shiny golden cover. I own all the books, but the Holiday one is the only one I haven’t read yet. It seems perfect for this time of year. I think I read the other books about three times before I realized they were from this blog. I found it eventually though.

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