13 thoughts on “#845 Good escalator etiquette

  1. I like to stand in the middle but the escalators here are never really full or busy. When I’m in the mood to walk instead of ride, I do. If there’s someone in front of me, I just wait. It’s only a couple second ride and I don’t really mind.

  2. Proper escalatoring makes everybody’s day better. Escalators have always fascinated me. I have no idea how they work. I’ve always wanted to try and run up the escalator that’s going down, but the escalators are always too busy and crowded. It is one of the many missions and quests in my life. Someday I shall complete them all.

      1. Confidence is key when running up the wrong escalator, it seems. I’ll sprint up the next down escalator I see like I own the place, with swagger and style. Thanks, Katie!

        1. Oy! That’s weird. Why did it write my name as “spaceshark7”? That’s the gravatar account name that I made. It was the only name I could think of. Anyway, another mystery in the life of Max, I guess.

          1. Spaceshark7 is a great name! I’d love to see a shark in space!
            I’ve never run up the wrong escalator before, but I’ve seen others do it. I just don’t want to put that much effort into running up stairs that are going down.

  3. Escalators…soooo much better than elevators because they don’t go so high and you get to just stand on stairs! I mean usually, you have to put out real effort to walk up a couple flights of stairs, but on the escalator you can just stand there looking quite cool as you do absolutely nothing!

  4. I would add to this: No matter how lost you are, don’t stop to check your map right at the top of the escalator. There are people coming up behind you and they can’t stop!

  5. I don’t know why, but I love escalators no madder if it’s bad etiquette…. they’re…



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