#833 Pouring a drink where the bubbles go right to the top but not over

Good start

Pouring a cold soda or pitcher of beer into a glass sure can be a stressful job.

Yes, all eyes are watching as you attempt a Hot Spotlight Pour late at night, surrounded by thirsty people, empty glasses, and focused, judging eyes.

She's gonna blow

You could get sloppy and cause a Bubbly Volcano to erupt, staring in horror as the drink owner tries to quickly suck up all the carbonated lava spilling over the edge of the glass. Most likely, you’ll end up with a sticky hands, a wet table, and some nasty stinkeye.


Or you could have the opposite problem and pour a Coke No Show. That’s when you cut your pour off early because you’re afraid of the Volcano. It’s understandable, but when the Coke fizz or beer head settles down and leaves only half a glass, well — that’s just embarrassing.

No, the perfect situation is when you pour a drink where the bubbles go right to the top but don’t spill over. It’s an exhilarating rush to see those bubbles just fizz up and up and up and up to the top, and then a massive wave of relief when they calm right back down just in the nick of time.



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13 thoughts on “#833 Pouring a drink where the bubbles go right to the top but not over

  1. The half glass of beer situation is especially bad when your PAYING! The bar tenders need to perfect the perfect pour. I don’t mind messing up at home. true, it’s embarrassing, but I’ve still got half a bottle left.

  2. It took a long time for me to finally be able to do this. It required much time and patience. It probably took so long because I liked drinking up that bubbly fizz when it over-flowed. It was fun.

  3. Twitter said: “Just passed 50 MILLION hits?!*
    Well gosh~ I’m part of the world~ “I AM, I SAID!”
    And so I shall drink to that, fizz and all!
    Congratulations Neil! Thank you forever and always!!!

    1. You know, I completely forget that there are loads of people reading this blog everyday. It feels like such a small community that I tend to think of it as just a few folks. Being reminded that so many people the world over are reading makes me think I should definitely be more cognizant of the content of my comments: my grammar…and spelling…and punctuation…and wordiness…oh, forget it, that’s simply too much to remember!

  4. I remember once as a little kid, my dad was asleep and I was in the living room. There was a can of coke, and a cup full of ice on the coffee table. My little self poured the coke into the cup…that’s when I had my first panic attack. Bubbles rising, top nearing, and there is me trying to find a towel in case it spilled.

    …The bubbles stoppsd JUST before they reached the top. Needless to say, I reaped the rewards smiling. :3

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