18 thoughts on “#824 Finding the TV remote after looking forever

  1. I can totally relate to this. We lost the remote for our A/V received many years ago. After searching the house, garbage bins, and under the cushions we gave up. I tried to get a replacement but couldn’t manage to.. anyhow, years later as we were renovating the kitchen and living area we found in stuck in the bottom of one of the couches..


  2. I tend to carry off the remote when I walk out of the room so the kids won’t get it. Then, I end up putting it down somewhere like in the bathroom and I can’t find it. Luckily the bedroom remote works in the living room too.

  3. Just before Christmas one year, I took my friends remote, wrapped it up and put it under his tree. He went nuts looking for it until finally Christmas morning, he unwrapped the best gift he could get. I thought it was funny watching him look everywhere knowing it was sitting there the whole time. He probably didn’t find it as funny.

  4. In our house we call the ‘Remote’ … “The GIZMO!” This has spontaneously spawned a new imperative command in the English language: “GIZMEE!” which loosely translated means “Pass me the remote this instant! “Especially important when one’s favourite show is about to start!!

    1. I have a friend whose family calls its “The Gun”. Needless to say, they get some concerned looks by vistors when one of them mutters “Where the heck’s the gun…?” while reaching through couch cushions.

  5. Bekah, I think I have a black bar at the top of the screen ‘cuz I’m signed into WordPress. If you sign into wordpress, you’ll probably see it as well.

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