#807 That one really good pen that never gets lost

Friends forever

You know the one.

The cap is long gone, the end is chewed up, but that trusty ballpoint, she keeps flowing like Niagara Falls.

Loyal, failsafe, and inky to the bone, that one really good pen might be stashed on top of the fridge, deep in a dresser drawer, or down at the bottom of the pencil case.

But it’s stashed, and it’s handy, and it does the deed just fine.

Now sure, once in a while you might even think you’ve lost your trusty, old pen. You don’t see her for a few weeks, maybe a few months. You figure she accidentally rolled under the stove, mistakenly got garbaged, or worse — was hoodwinked by a callous and immoral Pen Thief masquerading as a fiddle-dee-dee, aw-shucks Pen Borrower.

There is a period of grieving, but then one random day you just find her again, sure enough — sleeping soundly in your winter jacket pocket or lounging around carefree in the old Scrabble box. It always seems to happen when you least expect it.

And isn’t there just something about that one really good pen that’s always kicking around? Yes, in these days of text messages, kitchen whiteboards, and visual voicemail, it’s nice having a steady-eddy pen by your side. Because that pen is something real. Something honest.

Something worth believing in.


Just like the pen

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12 thoughts on “#807 That one really good pen that never gets lost

  1. Ah, the joy of a failsafe pen! I completely agree with this one!

    I’ve been tempted on occasion to go on a spree around my house clearing out all the pens except for two or three failsafe ones that work everytime!

    I seem to have an inordinate amount of pens that don’t work at the times I need them most!

  2. Awww, I don’t have an Ol’ Faithful anymore. Mine finally ran out of ink and needed to be thrown out. Its replacements haven’t quite lived up to the same standards.

    Stupid pens… :-/

  3. If you have a good pen, then you better hide it because someone will surely take it here at work. I have had some really awesome pens, but they have been taken because I forgot to lock them up at the end of the day. I do have a couple of awesome ones that stay in my purse. I’m a pen freak. I love pens.

    1. I’m obsessed with pens TOO!!
      I got one last July on my Quest~ Journey with Jesus…the colour of Faith-irridesence surrounds… it writes Beautifully! I lost it a few times and freaked out every time until I found it! I loved it better than any pen I had and the ink just left it dry…I’m so sad:((

  4. In October 2011, I splurged and bought a “seven year” pen in Coles. Damn thing cost me 10 bucks, I am still using the pen almost daily I have yet to loose, unlike the cheap office supply ones, it unless my boss takes it an puts it in his pocket because I left it on the counter. This pen is a smooth writer and I would definatley suggest it to anyone who does a ton of writing during the day. I hope it doesn’t run out and when it evntually does I will purchase another one and hope it holds up to the standards of this pen.

  5. I’ve had a Cross mechanical pencil since 1991. I’ve used it for every test I’ve ever taken in any class I’ve ever taken, except for a very small handful of tests. It’s so much a part of my life that on the occasions that I’ve NOT had it with me for a test, I’ve been driven to distraction by its absence. My children know that they can use it, as long as it’s returned to its proper place on my writing desk.

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