#789 Putting potato chips on a sandwich

potato-chips-in-a-sandwichEver had a friend start buzzing with The Dating Glow?

You know, they start seeing someone new and suddenly start walking with a new pep in their step, a new trot in their walk? Maybe they lose five pounds, show up with a new haircut, or start wearing tight pants. Or maybe they just smile wider, laugh louder, and exude a new confidence about themselves.

Being with someone new makes them look and feel better and that’s a great thing. That’s The Dating Glow.

Now, if you don’t mind, let’s switch gears and talk about sandwiches — soggy, squashed, Saran-Wrapped sandwiches from the bowels of your bookbag. Those warm and tired messes look pathetic with sweaty cheese, slimy tomatoes, and warm turkey. Yes, it’s a sandwich down on its luck, lacking a bit of confidence, and in desperate need of a glow of some sort.

That’s where potato chips come in.

When you crunch up your sandwich with some carefully inserted potato chips, you inject a spicy vial of Grade A Oomph. Suddenly that pasty gob of bread and meat transforms into a rainbow of crunches and flavors. It’s the sandwich equivalent of getting a new hairdo, wearing something scandalous, or buzzing with a new vibe.

Now, before we call it a day here, let’s chat about something funny about putting chips on a sandwich. Alright, here it is: everybody thinks they invented it. Honestly, I’ll be grabbing a quick lunch with a friend from work and he’ll just sort of raise his eyebrows at me mysteriously. “Know what I like to do?” he’ll ask, squinting a bit and cracking a wry smile. “Put chips on my sandwich, that’s what,” he’ll unveil, a stiff bottom lip, some scrunched eyebrows, and a firm nod echoing the big reveal.

So that’s it, ladies and gentleman. Putting potato chips on a sandwich.

You invented it.

We all love it.


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36 responses to “#789 Putting potato chips on a sandwich

  1. I really thought I invented it! Now I’m disappointed :-) I guess I’ve been doing it for over 15 years. Who can top that? :)

  2. I’ve never put chips on my sandwich, but my mum loves having chicken-chips sandwiches.

    And that’s not adding chicken-flavoured chips to a sandwich. That’s having a sandwich entirely made up of chicken-chips between bread. It’s very… loud.

  3. How about chips on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? Or better yet, Cheetos/cheese puffs on a PBJ?
    I’ve only heard tell of another person who does that, while everyone else seems perturbed by the thought… Please tell me we’re not alone!

  4. I’ve eaten a plain chips sandwich before. Nothing else on it. I just wanted something crunchy. Its been a while since I added chips to a sandwich, but I used to do it all the time with some bologna.. but I don’t eat bologna anymore.

  5. Max

    I read this in the Book of Awesome, so unfortunately I can’t say I invented it. At first when I read it I was like, “Potato chips on a sandwich? This is madness!” but then I actually tried it and it was great! Every time I make a deli-type sandwich with meat and cheese and stuff on it nowadays, I always put chips on it. It is a wondrous food discovery. Speaking of food experiments, once I found mint jelly at the food store, and decided to try it on a sandwich with nutella. I figured chocolate and mint go good together, so mint jelly and nutella should go good together. It didn’t go good together at all. It was the wrong type of mint and the wrong type of chocolate for the occasion. I think it was the hazelnuts in the nutella. Nutella is wonderful, but not when mixed with mint jelly.

    • … Isn’t mint jelly the stuff people put with their roast lamb? Yeah. Can’t really imagine the chocolately deliciousness of Nutella working well with that. But if we don’t experiment, we’ll never know!

      I once dipped a cheese Ritz into Nutella and ate it. As a dare, mind you — I didn’t actually expect it to taste good. But you know what?

      … It was awful. Tasted like a party in my mouth, and everyone was throwing up. :P

      • Max

        Yep, it was indeed the stuff they put on roast lamb. It was during Thanksgiving, so I was thinking of putting it on the turkey. That turned out to be awful, so I was thinking about what else this stuff could be eaten with. I kinda gave up after the nutella fiasco. Apparently mint jelly should only ever be used on roast lamb. While I was reading your story there, I actually expected the cheese ritz to taste good, but upon further thought, I realized that chocolate and cheese should never be mixed. So I guess it makes sense it tasted awful. Your story also reminds me of a book I never read called “How to Eat Fried Worms” or something. I think the entire plot was centered around some poor kid who got dared to eat worms. Food experiments and dares are just wonderful things.

  6. Jo

    I love doing this because having a “crunch” when you bit into it makes it so much better. It doesn’t even need to be chips, I also like to put Cheez-Its in it!

    Fries and onion rings may not crunch but they’re just as good!

  7. Sam

    Chip butties are awesome same with potato chip sarnies. Hmm that maybe an idea for lunch

  8. Nash Shrestha

    I thought I was the only one doing this. I first put chips in my sandwich when I was 8. I’m now 16. I love how the sandwich is more crunchy. For some reason, I like hearing the crunch when I chew my food. It’s oddly satisfying lol.

    Plus, the sandwich, in my opinion, tastes better with chips in it.

  9. Lindsy

    Haha it’s so true that everyone thinks they invented it!

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