#787 The extra time you get when the clocks roll back

Extra weekend coming right upBass thumping, heart pumping, joint jumping, it’s a buzzing Saturday night on the dance floor.

And nothing makes that party stronger or conga longer more than knowing Daylight Savings Time peels our clocks back an hour tonight and showers us all with some free weekend.

Yes, when you know three in the morning is going to spin back to two again, it’s a Free Pass to go waste a perfect hour with friends. So squeeze in some more video games, order off the menu at Drive-Thru, or dance an extra dance with Grandma at the wedding, because we all know you’ll get an extra hour of sleep anyway.

So after you spring forward don’t forget to fall right back, y’all. Cause there’s nothing so nice as living things twice.


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9 responses to “#787 The extra time you get when the clocks roll back

  1. I had the whole Daylight Savings thing. Changing time seems like a whole lot more of a drama than it needs to be.
    But yeah. Waking up at 8 in the morning, then suddenly realising you can make it 7am at the push of a button, is some kind of godlike power…

  2. klalota

    I’d really rather we just left time alone to fly or drag as it sees fit, but I do enjoy that extra hour of fun when we fall back in the fall!

  3. Its hard to get babies back on track after the time changes, but I do still enjoy it.

  4. Wendy

    I remember being a child and getting that extra hour of daylight to frolick free in the forest, ride my bicycle, play games like hide-in-seek, sardines and kick the can, to-be SO Awesome! Later years, I lived in a city for some time where the clocks don’t change. Matter of fact there are some parts in the praries of Canada where they don’t change either. Although I kind of felt like I entered the twilight zone when it first happened, I can see how nice it would be to have the same time all around. As Bekah said, it takes a good long time for little ones to get used to this and so then there are a lot of adult butts draggin’ the line. However; once butts are in the groove even the music is louder, clearer, brighter and draggin’ the line becomes, well, A BLAST! Draggin’ the line, draggin’ the line, draggin’ the line, trumpet-
    toot, toot!

    • I’m always tired, so the time change doesn’t really bother me. Kids don’t realize what time it is. Sun’s up means its time to get up. That’s what Lilly used to say. When the sun comes up she would say that its time to get up but when the sun goes down its bedtime. She got mad during the summer when it was daylight longer, but I made her go to bed at regular time. “But MOM! The sun is still out!”

      • wendy

        If we had a dime for everytime a child has had this debate!!!
        You reminded me of living in the far north, when in the summer there are only a few hours of darkness and how difficult it was to convince the kids it was night and bed time!

  5. Max

    It’s like going back in time!

    • “What time is it?”
      “Oh, dear…its 2:00”
      (an hour later)
      “Hey… what time is it now?”
      “Um.. well… its 2:00… again”

      Its like the do-over hour. Didn’t like that hour, do it again!

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