#783 When you know all the buttons to speed through the automated telephone system

not-waiting-in-any-linesIf you’ve called your work voicemail system or local phone company so many times that you know how to jump through all the hoops to get right where you want, then you can Press 1 for being


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9 responses to “#783 When you know all the buttons to speed through the automated telephone system

  1. I used to know the right buttons for checking my mobile’s balance… But then my provider started putting radio-style advertisements in there and added additional steps and basically turned into jerks who ruined my awesome. :P

  2. wendy

    Love this, unless I have lots of time and they have great on hold music!

    • I discovered that my work does not have very good hold music. First, you can barely hear it because the volume is turned down. Then it keeps breaking up..

  3. Long gone are the days of actual human interaction. Pushing someone’s buttons used to mean something totally different.

  4. Whew… there for a minute I thought I had lost my green square, but I just had a different email address in…
    I love doing this, you don’t have to wait for the automated voice to say the number you want. At work when I’m transfering my phone to another desk, I hit the voicemail button, enter my extension and then password followed by #, then 7, 3, 1 and I’m done!

  5. Max

    I’ve never called a company or anything where you have to press all the buttons and stuff. I feel like I’m missing out.

  6. lemon


  7. They Keep saying that the numbers have changed! Please Please Listen! : D

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