#780 Squeezing through a door as it’s shutting without touching it

Tiny squirts of adrenaline pump into your bloodstream when you pull off this classic move.

Yes, suddenly you morph from Guy Walking To The Subway After Work into Indiana Jones In That Scene Where He Slides Under The Wall At The Last Second. Your hands stay clean, your strut stays mean, and you zip through that closing door and don’t look back, hoping it doesn’t nail an old lady in the face behind you.



Illustration from: here


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6 responses to “#780 Squeezing through a door as it’s shutting without touching it

  1. Have you ever done this in a public space, and then awkwardly stumbled because the door clipped your shoulder or heel?

    …I have. :P

  2. Makes me kinda feel like a ninja!!
    That’s what I tell people when they don’t hear me come up behind them.
    “Whoa, you scared me. I didn’t hear you at all!”
    “Its because I’m a ninja.”

    The people at work have no sense of humor at all. I just get an odd look when I say it, but I do it every time.

  3. As a self proclaimed germaphobe, I have mastered this move. I rarely touch a public door handle these days.

  4. Max

    I love doing this! It make me feel like a ninja-ghost, silently sneaking. I also like going through those revolving doors when their already spinning at a good pace, so I can just walk right through without touching anything.

  5. klalota

    I think I’m gonna emulate you very AWESOME folks and when I’m especially stealthy, I’ll tell everyone, “That’s because I’m a ninja!” :)

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