#779 Getting into a bed with clean sheets after shaving your legs


Stubble-free legs and cool, clean sheets combine to form a silky-smooth ride into Dreamland.


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9 thoughts on “#779 Getting into a bed with clean sheets after shaving your legs

  1. Um, Neil?

    …Why do you know what this feels like? o__O

    …Then again, if you have a single female friend who’s like me, they probably notably rub their legs against one another after they’ve shaved and announce to the room at large that they feel “freaking awesome”.

  2. Getting into a bed with clean sheets after having your legs waxed is even MORE AWESOME because they remain stubble free for weeks! Considering it’s Monday, raining, and I have smooth legs, I’d love to go back to bed right about now. The sheets aren’t just washed, but I’d still love to dive back in.

  3. I love putting my PJ’s on after shaving my legs… I very rarely wear shorts to bed, but when I do, the sheets on my newly shaved legs is surely awesome. And Kathy… I have never waxed my legs before…I’m not that brave.

  4. I know what this feels like. On my face. In the winter everything seems a lot colder after you shave your face. I get cold really easy, so it could be just me.

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