#764 Bedhead all day long

This baby is cool.Sure, anybody can wake up with some serious bedhead.

Tangled dreads, pillow-dented part, static-flared bangs — whatever you got, we’ll take it. Much like rain hair, bedhead is your temporary ticket to Cowlick Country, a place where looks just don’t matter. It’s fun to take a trip and enjoy your citizenship before shampoo, hair straighteners, and sculpting clay step in to mess things up.

It's usually in a nice container and a lot more expensiveAnd hey, don’t look at me, I play the game, too. I shampoo, condition, and run Glue Stick over my head in the mornings. And sure, I check myself out in the mirror throughout the day to make sure I’m still going bald and double-checking that my sideburns remain extremely uneven.

But I guess that’s what makes getting away from it all so great. I mean, just look at babies of the world with their Always-On Bedhead, sometimes for years on end. Folks, it’s like I always say: we can learn much from the baby.

Now don’t get jaded in your old age. There are some classic ways you can still pull it off:

keep-this-going-all-day-long-for-the-win• No-Time Bedhead. This is where you wake up in a panic an hour late and barely have time to throw on jeans and grab your keys before bolting out the door for work. This is accidental bedhead that may result in some worried finger-combing on the bus or a splash of water from the bathroom sink later on. Still, you got bedhead all day and that’s what counts here. 5 points.

• Lazy Sunday Bedhead. You wake up at noon, throw on some sweats, have some good friends over and play video games all day. Or maybe you channel surf with your boyfriend on the futon or watch a golf tournament with Grandpa. Either way, no showering or leaving the house is involved so the bedhead lives long and lives strong. 10 points.

high qualityJust Don’t Care Bedhead. Top of the charts right here. This is where your day actually involves going out and doing things, but you just don’t care about your sharp, sideways bedhead. If you can pull off grocery shopping, going to class, or hitting the mall with jagged, bent-up hair, then you win. Note that this is not the same as Fake Bedhead, which involves applying a series of creams and lotions in an attempt to give yourself bedhead-looking hair. No, we’re talking about cruising around town with the real thing here, people. 25 points.

Yes, bedhead is a temporary escape from that Hair Prison we all live in everyday. Freeing your hair is the first step to freeing your mind and freeing your life. When you get up and just let it go you sort of let yourself go for a moment, too.

Suddenly Juggling Jane relaxes into cool, casual Leg-Stubble-N-Sweatpants Babe who’s much more fun to cuddle up with under a warm blanket in front of a flickering television. And Suit-and-Tie Sam melts into our old pal Couch-Dent Sam, who laughs at all our jokes and doesn’t take himself so seriously.

Bedhead all day long, people.

Because sometimes it’s great to ditch the comb and just see what happens.


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    So, yeah. I totally sport bedhead. I don’t know exactly what it is that I do while sleeping, but every morning, the pillow is off-centre, the blankets are hanging off the left-side of the bed, and my hair is… Well, it’s basically a shorter version of BHB’s up there. :D

  2. That is, hands down, the funniest. baby. picture. EVER! It always gives me a morning smile!

    I typically rock bedhead on Fridays. I work from home most Fridays, so it’s sweats and bedhead day for me…YEA!!! As for my bedhead, I have a nasty cowlick/part in my hair at the back of my crown…kinda looks like I have a bald spot. Here’s the great thing about it though, I can’t really see it when I look in the mirror…soooo, if I can’t see it, it just might not be there! And that’s good enough for me. :)

    1. I accidentally dyed my hair black, so when my bedhead results in a massive part, the whiteness of my scalp stands out far more than I appreciate. :P

    1. Oh, and the woman in the pic has really nice, neat bedhead. I would totally take her bedhead. Mine is more like the guy’s… sticking out at all angles and looking funny, but not funny haha, funny strange.

  3. I can’t believe I missed BHB yesterday!! I’m here today baby!

    My kids are great when it comes to bed heads. Zach usually has this one section that sticks up in the front. Lilly’s hair is a tangled mess. Me.. I just look…kind of gross… like I’m on drugs or something. Its these stupid bangs I insist on having that makes me look like I just crawled out of a hole somewhere.

  4. BEDHEAD BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :DDDDDDDDDD I was just waiting for this post!! :D Finally had time to read it.

    I love it when I can wear my bedhead to school with minimal fussing about fly-away fuzz. When I wash my hair at night I normally keep it in the towel and go to bed like that so it’s still slightly damp in the morning, where I can either tie it in a plait or a bun and have it dry like that so I have nice curls :) Sometimes I can wear my bun two days in a row because it stays nice and neat :) The other day I tied my hair in a bun after washing my hair before sleep, wore it like that to school the next day, slept like that, wore it again to school the day after just re-placing bobby pins, slept like that, got to school the next day and took it out of the bun but kept it in the ponytail as I was getting out of the car. That means not 1, not 2, but basically 3 bedheads in a row. Winning at life I say!!!

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