#723 Seeing a huge tree and remembering how small it used to be

they grow up so fastI was at my parent’s house this weekend and holy smokes.

The three tiny evergreens out the back window have now bloomed into thirty-foot monsters shading half the backyard.

Driving by your old school, visiting relatives you haven’t seen in a while, or just walking around the neighborhood you grew up in can give you that sudden sense of life slowly moving onwards and upwards.


Photo from: here

8 thoughts on “#723 Seeing a huge tree and remembering how small it used to be

  1. I recently saw a photo of the front of my house from ten years ago. And holy crap, does it look barren. There’s just… nothing. It’s weird!

    Oh, trees. You so awesome.

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  3. I only remember this once. And its not really a memory of a tree being small as much as from a picture… and its more of a bush. But anyway… its Easter and I’m getting out of mom’s van at my grandma’s and the bush is in the picture. Its giant now.

  4. I’d said this once and I’ll say it again, I “L-O-V-E!!!!” this Awesome!!!
    It always reminds me of the big holly in the first house I ever lived in and all the gorgeous trees in Lynn Canyon too!!! Also, the favourite Cherry Blossoms of my second dad and this song, one of my first dad’s favourites!
    Oh, how I LOVE trees and teach all the children and my grand-babies to stay rooted and ever reaching as the tree:)

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