#722 Watching seniors do water aerobics

seniors in aquafitSpeedos snapped on and earplugs pushed in, old folks dip into the local pool for a cardio session on water. And if you happen to catch a glimpse of the jumping jacks and karate kicks or happen to be in the game yourself, then you know how fun it is to see all the wet perms, dripping glasses, and smiling faces.

They just look so happy.



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12 thoughts on “#722 Watching seniors do water aerobics

  1. I saw an older gentleman going for a jog the other morning. And I do mean “jog” – as in, bright red tracksuit, scuffed joggers and impressive pace. He was so awesome. :D

    1. I passed a white haired gent this morning wearing no shirt, jogging along the road…he was in really good shape! Considering it was over 90 degrees, big props to him!

      1. Just so we’re clear, the elderly gent was wearing no shirt, I was fully dressed. Sometimes, my turn of phrase is not only atrocioius, but head-scratchingly confusing as well.

  2. Although I wouldn’t put water aerobics on the top of the list, I love seeing seniors having a good time. No matter what it is.

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