#687 Turning off all the lights during a thunderstorm

Hey, it’s not like you can play outside, go swimming, ride your bike, or walk to the store. So just flick off the lights, yank open the blinds, and stare out the window at the majestic streaks of bright lightning cracking down all around you.


lightning bolt stormPhoto from: here

9 thoughts on “#687 Turning off all the lights during a thunderstorm

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  2. Perfect!! I love thunderstorms anyway and getting to turn the lights off make them awesomer. I do like to go out and sit on my porch swing now and watch. So beautiful.

  3. Oh ya’, last night was a brilliant one!!! The thunder was amazing!!! The terrential down pours spectacular!
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  4. I dig it when the power goes out. The last time that happened, we played darts in the garage with headlights strapped to our heads. That was awesome.

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