#684 Being so excited you forget to take your bike helmet off

bike helmetDo you ever see kids on the playground with their bike helmets on?

Sometimes you spot them riding up to the sandy lots with heads full of steam and eyes staring forward with steely determination. They are on a mission to get some playing in, buddy. And nothing’s going to get in their way.

Nope, not even pausing for a minute to unclasp their bike helmet. Are you kidding? They are in such a rush that they bail on the bike, run across the sand, and jump on the jungle gym with their helmet bobbing all over the place in one majestic, sweeping move.

Good times.


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17 thoughts on “#684 Being so excited you forget to take your bike helmet off

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a kid with a bike helmet on at the playground, but my neighborhood isn’t really kid bike riding friendly near any of the playgrounds. They are all too near the busy main road. I would love to see a kid so excited he forgot to take off his helmet! At least we know they wouldn’t get hurt if they bumped their heads out there playing!!

  2. Too many people don’t wear a brain bucket, so if some people are so excited that they forget to take theirs off, more power to them!

  3. That is my 4 year old boy and his best friend. They do this all the time, and we figure it’s great, because they are such monkeys – if they fall off the playground set, their heads are protected!

  4. Why yesterday I was just saying all the little ones should be born with Michellin tire suits to avoid early injuries…I think they should all wear them on the playgrounds!
    The new playground equipment is seriously far more dangerous than the old playground equipment…at least at our city park right beside the court house, (still don’t know which brain-wave decided on that one?!*) Anyway, I do lget a real kick out of seeing an adult forgetting to take their brain bucket off after dismounting their bike; motorbike helmets also funny!!

    1. The playgrounds in my area are mostly plastic, no hot metal slides or wooden bridges. Took Lilly’s school FOREVER to put a merry-go-round back in. The playground at Zach’s day care is covered in cut up tires in case they fall… the other one is covered in mulch. Zach likes to put the mulch down his diaper and then I get a weird little surprise wehn I get home and change him.

      1. Ouch! Hahahaha!
        off topic a bitt, yesterday Bradley’s hat fell off while he was on the swing and he said, “ouch, hat!”
        We could hardly believe it, forming a sentence and he’s not even one!

  5. p.s. Since the second time around, I don’t know why I get these posts a day late-
    anyone know how to fix this? pls and thx:)

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