9 thoughts on “#680 Falling asleep when the plane takes off and waking up when it lands

  1. Pity the poor guy in the seat next to you who gets to listen to your snoring for 4 hours (it’s usually ME!)

  2. Oy! I once saw that picture on the cover of a physics textbook! Spooky. Anyway, I think I’ve only done this a few times. I always sleep on the plane, but I usually wake up a few times in between take-off and landing. I really wish I could teleport. It’d be so fun. I could get a job as a pizza delivery guy, and I would be the fastest guy ever. I could also travel a lot, and that would be fun, too.

    1. I would travel the world constantly! Just think, China for Chinese dinner, France for a nightcap glass of wine, Australia for a warm Xmas holiday, the Alps when I need a breath of fresh air…Now I’m having some really awesome fantasies!

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