#565 Moving forward and moving on

We’re all gonna get lumps.

We’re all gonna get bumps.

Nobody can predict the future but we do know one thing about it: It ain’t gonna go according to plan.

Yes, we’ll all have massive highs, big days, and proud moments. Color faded, postcard-streaked blurs will float and flash through our brains on our deathbeds, of wide eyes on graduation stagesfather-daughter dances at weddings, and healthy baby screeches in the delivery room. And dotting those big moments will be smaller ones too: fragile hugs with Grandma on Christmas morning, two-year-olds handing you a bouquet of dandelions and saying ‘I love you’, or your boyfriend staring into your eyes and smiling while lazing in bed on Sunday morning.

But like I said.

We’re all gonna get lumps.

We’re all gonna get bumps.

It’s sad but things could happen or hurt you that you just can’t predict.

Your husband might leave you, your girlfriend may cheat, your headaches might be serious, your dog could get smacked in the street. Yes, your kids might get mixed up with tough gangs or bad scenes. It’s sad but your mom could get cancer… or your dad could get mean.

There will be times in your life you’re tossed down the well, too. There will be times you’ll cry yourself to sleep, with twists in your stomach, with holes in your heart. You may wonder if it’s all worth it and you may think that it ain’t. You may wonder if you can handle it or you may beg for restraint.

But when bad news washes over you and when the pain sponges and soaks in, I really hope you feel like you’ve always got two big choices:

1. You can swish and swirl in gloomy darkness forever, or
2. You can grieve and face the future with newly sober eyes

Sure, life has dealt me some blows in the couple years I’ve been writing this site and this book. There was the mind-numbing loneliness of moving to a brand new nowhere town, the broken heart of a major breakup, the searing waves of regret when a friend disappeared, and the general life pressures of starting a new job, living on my own, and trying to make new friends in a big city.

But I’m lucky because I’ve had a way out for the past two years. I’ve had a secret pill to swallow, a magic potion to swirl, and a bubbly cauldron to sip from every time I felt down or felt black or felt blue. And I hope you know that remedy and I hope you feel it, too.

After all, you’re reading it right now.

Yes, awesome things make my life better, people. And I hope they do the same for you.

I honestly can’t go a day anymore without smiling at a couple tiny awesome things in my world. Whether it’s fixing electronics by smacking them, waking up and realizing it’s Saturday, or moving all my wet clothes from the washer to the dryer without dropping anything, these tiny things make a great big difference.

So come on. Come on! Are you with me? Who’s with me? I say if you’ve got a couple fist-pumps in you, if you’ve got a sneaky twinkle in your eye, if you’ve got an itchy old soul that loves smiling at strangers, dancing at weddings, and popping the hell out of bubble wrap, then come on in and join The AWESOME Movement.

Yes, it’s my sincere hope that The Book of Awesome helps those who need it to grieve, move on, and remind them the best things in life are free. For those folks, maybe it’s a ladder out of the well or a dusty flashlight beam in the darkness. For others, perhaps it’s just a little laugh on the back of the toilet, a bit of peace before bed, or a spark for debates about gasoline fumes, alarm clock strategy, or what matters most to you, you, or you.

For me, I know I’ll have more dark days, and I know my friends will too, but I like thinking that snow days, steamy buffets, and the cool side of the pillow will always cheer me through to the other side.

While polar ice caps melt, while health care debates rage on, while buzz saws chop down forests, while wars go on and on, I hope there’s always a special place we can click online in the darkness or flip open for a few minutes to turn off that bright light, snuggle right on up, and get comfy to chat about the sweetest parts of life.

Thank you for letting me take a break to share personal stories about myself and behind The Book of Awesome this week. The comments and emails have been achingly beautiful and wet my eyes many times. I am so incredibly thankful, lucky, honored, and excited to keep going down this road with you.

Thank you for letting our stories all tightly twist together as we all keep moving forward and we all keep moving on.


Feb 21, 2014

Hey everyone!

Today, I’d like to offer you a special invitation. I’ve started a small and private email list to send new writing out for feedback (it’s different — more self-help and businessy!), share weird ideas, and have a bit of fan-club fun. I’d like to add a few more people so if you’re interested, drop a comment below and tell me why you’d like to join. Make sure you use your real email address in the post.

Hope you’re all enjoying 2014! I can’t believe we started this community six years ago now. Your support helps me keep this blog ad free and open forever. Dastardly ads, they can’t take over our space.

Lots of love and high fives,


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72 Responses to #565 Moving forward and moving on

  1. Samantha

    Hey! My name is Samantha. I’ve been reading your books and your posts for quiet a few years now. Your posts are creative, witty, make me laugh, reflect and just realize the little things in life are just plain awesome. When I was in graduate school I referred to your posts as way to reflect in my work and the writings of popular culture, it even encouraged me to create my own blog and write. I’d like to join your group as I’m a writer with a lot to share from crazy experiences from a student-life perspective like Drinking Rockstars for 5 days straight for midterms with your roommate, to traveling across the province to visit a coffee shop but of course plan the simple things in life that make you the person you are. I have stories to share and experience like no other. You can contact me at

  2. Kassy

    Hi Neil,

    I’m one of the many who read your posts from afar. Your little bits of sunshine appear in my inbox just when they are most needed. I often wonder how you find a seemingly never ending wealth of awesome ideas.

    Your posts this week have been introspective and I felt like I was sharing a bit of your life. Thank you.

    Any help you need, I’m willing.



  3. kitkat

    I would love to join your group. For a couple of years now, I have enjoyed reading awesome things and they help bring a smile to my face and remind me what is really important.

  4. Hi Neil,
    This is exactly what I needed to read today. Thank you.
    I’ve been reading your blog for years and often a post strikes just the right chord on the right day… and that truly is AWESOME.

  5. Every day comes with it’s own challenges. I think I walk a fine line between being overwhelmed by them and dealing with them. A lot has happened in the last few years which make me nervous for the future. Taking these moments to recognise the small yet great feelings in every day life, grants me a little perspective to focus on the good. Thank you for 1000 awesome things and everything you’ve done to share the good in life. Id love to join your group.

  6. Natasha Nicholson

    Hi, I have been reading your posts, books for years. They have made me smile on the most difficult days. I manage mental health programs for a local non profit . I am trying to strengthen our online presence to connect with individuals isolated by their illness. Personally, the last two years has been a tumultuous journey of becoming a single parent. I would like to join your group because I think it would enrich my journey. Thanks for all the Awesome :)

  7. Hi Neil,
    I love your site and have been a long-time follower and even an imitator. Please keep me in the loop for future developments and things you have in the works.
    Your fellow Torontonian,

  8. Dee

    Hi Neil, I found out about your website a few years ago. Since then, it is how I start my day.
    As most of us, there are days that are just tough and then I take a moment and try to think of something AWESOME. I am a single parent, have a busy job and family memebers with health problems. But I am moving on. I have come to realize that it is the little things that make the difference. I am trying to take more moments to laugh, to be thankful and to reflect. All of this is because I have used your postings and books to get into a different mindset. Thanks for sharing and I hope that I can be a part of your future developments.


  9. Shauna

    Your posts inspire me because they speak of gratitude for life’s tiniest miracles. I believe in being thankful. Saying it and showing it. The English author Aldous Huxley wrote, “Most human beings have an almost infinite capacity for taking things for granted.” It’s awesome you show us otherwise.

  10. Renee

    Your site has helped put everything (life, work, etc.) in perspective. When I first met my husband, one of the awesome things related to us/him. I shared it and it sparked a whole awesome movement between us. Whenever he walks the malls/stores he always looks for awesome shirts for me. As a wedding present, I kept a list of all the little things that make him awesome, including looking for the shirts.

  11. Linda

    Im 65 and my body is like 95 with all my health problems etc but in my heart and mind im 25 thats where I feel GOOD and your awesome things help to keep me going by reminding me of things and giving ideas to help others fight the drab and sometimes hohum days I live in an old folks place it great to give a smile and such to others to make their day and you do that for me thanks so much

  12. Neil, your work serves as my perpetual voice of reason whenever I get too focused on the little things and spiral into excessive negativity. I am a detail-oriented person and have a Type A personality, chronically leading me into a tunnel vision mindset. Your blog and book remind me that life is not the events that occur, but how we as people perceive them. You have proven time and again that happiness is in the eye of the beholder. It would be an honor and a pleasure to assist you in your latest work.

  13. I have had my share of troubles but nevertheless always remember the good times as well. Right now i have a young daughter who needs awesome things in life to lift her spirits. I want to join and hopefully motivate her as well.

  14. Linda Strode

    Wow…I really needed you today, thanks for being there in my inbox waiting patiently. I would love to be a part of your new email list, .I think my business life needs a little more awesome!

  15. Great blog and book. I just wish you had a “like” button down on this page. I just spent twenty minutes trying to get that food out that was stuck between two back teeth, and my tongue just had victory. Awesome.

  16. Janis

    I read both of your books to my son at bedtime. a few Awesomes to end the day. We have loved it! please add me to your email list!

  17. Deborah

    As the single parent of three teenagers my kids and I sometimes have needed thereminder to pause and notice the awesome that life hands us. As all of my kids have gone through those rough patches of growing up and negotiating the challenge that is middle school and high school asking what was awesome today at dinner sometimes saaves terribles day. Thanks. Woudl lloe to be part of more of this.

  18. I can’t possibly add to the comments above other than to say I am once more reminded of our common humanity…and that’s a good thing…thank you.

  19. Laura M

    Hello Neil and all!

    Your reminders of the wonderfully awesome little things in life are truly appreciated. I think something awesome is the mere fact that we can all relate to these awesome things and moments and get that same feeling despite our differences. It feels good to feel good and I’d love to be a part of the list!

  20. I just started reading your awesome one-liners a few weeks ago and have really enjoyed them. Thank you.

  21. Lauren

    I think being a fellow Canadian totally qualifies me for the list lol. I’m a writer, dreamer and a self proclaimed work-in-progress optimist.

    Currently moving on and having the courage to finally listen to my soul (specifically in my career), something which I see you know all about. Looking forward to continued daily inspirations either way!

  22. Barbara

    Hi Neil,

    I found your blog 2 years ago when I needed a pick me up and everyday since I’ve enjoyed reading your books, calendar, and daily email. Awesome things is such a breath of fresh air in the world we live in and reminds me of all the wonderful little things I have to be thankful for each day and allows me to live a fuller life. You are super awesome. I’d love to be added to your email list.

  23. Carol C

    Hi Neil,
    I’m a big fan and always look forward to reading your Amazing thought of the day. Like you, I prefer to acknowledge a challenge and then focus on the positive. I would love to join your new group. Looking forward to seeing where your new path takes you.
    PS ~ Today’s message was particularly wonderful. Thank you for sharing.

  24. Tania

    Hi Neil,
    I would love to join your group. I get your daily email and read it every night. Like most people I know, my days are hectic and often stressful. Your emails give me the opportunity to stop, reflect, and be grateful. They usually take me back in time and remind me of someone, something, or someplace I didn’t even realize I missed until I read your email. Thanks!

  25. Virgina Tauseef

    I would love to be added to your new list! I check my email every day for the new posts and I cannot tell you how many times they have made my day, made me laugh, simply showed me that life is…..AWESOME! Cheers n keep up the awesome work!

  26. Simon Ferraro

    Would really like to read your self help articles…have been a fan for many years.

  27. Caroline

    I find your writing super-honest and inspiring, and I would love to read more by you. Please add me to your list because, darlin’, words like the ones you put together are inspiring. :)

  28. Bonnie Biros

    I heard you speak and chatted with you 3 years ago at an educational conference I was attending. There I was the teacher who has never ever learned so much from another person as I did when I was blessed with your attitude on life (one which I share completely). You call things Awesome and I have always called them tiny miracles. Please add me to you new email list and thank you for having touched my life so that I have been able to pay the awesome forward!

  29. Jen LC

    add me! I never comment, but your posts are always a bright spot and a bright-side reminder. big love to you!

  30. nataliegotts

    I’d love to join your new email list because it’s impossible to have too much AWESOME.

  31. Christine

    Hi Neil!

    I would love to be part of your new email group. I’ve been a big fan of this blog since I was first introduced to it at #959 (the first time in 2008).

    I’m also a small business owner and do a lot of self-help-ish reading related to motivation, managing & empowering employees, creating a positive culture within the company, etc. & I’m interested in hearing your ideas too :)

    With awesomeness & high fives,

  32. Nicky

    Hi Neil,
    Thank you for your fantastic blog. I only discovered it 2 weeks ago, just in the middle of one of the toughest times in my life. You’ve really helped me cry, laugh and see the awesome again in life. I’m very grateful and can now put some perspective back into my life.

  33. Jim

    Hi Neil,
    I’m just an ordinary average guy, trying to get through one day at a time.
    I would like to join because you (almost) always bring a smile to my face first thing in the morning. And you can never have too much awesome in your life.

  34. Neil, Please allow me to join your group. I work part-time at Weight Watchers — each week I deal with several hundred people who are struggling to find balance in their lives. It’s not about food — it’s about recognizing our own awesomeness. Your blog has been a revelation. Anne

  35. Carly

    Hi Neil,

    There seems to be some sort of synchronicity in the way your daily awesome breaks through with just the right words at the right time. It reminds me not to take those lumps and bumps so seriously, and to remember that although suffering is a part of life, we have ways of dealing with it and focusing on the positive. Being grateful for all those little things is the best way to keep your chin up and move on… and every time we do it improves our attitude and our ability to deal with those inevitable rocky bits we will encounter in the future.

    Thank you so much for 1000 Awesome Things.
    I know I’m not alone when I tell you it’s made a difference in my life. I’m a great believer in the self –help movement, and I’d love to be on your email list and see what other awesome ideas you have.

  36. Hey Neil,

    It was kind of ironic that I opened your post, just as I was about to put a very challenging post on my facebook for my family and friends. I have recently been facing lung cancer for the second time (and I am not even 40 yet). I have had a second major surgery where I have had a lobectomy and lost a part of my lung. My surgeon called earlier this week to tell me they got the pathology report back from my surgery and it turns out it was scarring from my previous surgery and wasn’t cancer at all. So I just had one of the most major surgeries for the second time, unnecessarily so. I understand through many experiences that it is more important to focus on the awesome than the bumps. But bumps in the road also makes you a better driver!

    There is more to this story, but I can totally relate to bumps in the road and I also recognize that I have many AWESOME things in my life as well. I appreciate reading your blog and book and I was able to see you speak in Kingston last year.

    I would love to join your group because I think I have some fabulous weird and great ideas and I enjoy sharing with others in a positive and collaborative way.

  37. Dona Kirk

    I think Awesome Things is AWESOME! I can’t believe how many “things” strike a chord with me. I have gone back to the days of running through the cool grass in my bare feet and watching the twinklings of lightning bugs in a mayonnaise jar…keep up the great work. If you need another volunteer…let me know!! No matter what, I’ll keep reading and smiling!

  38. Lisa

    Hey Neil — I like your creativity and the art of “seeing” which can so easily be missed in our faced paced hectic world. With all of our heartaches you help remind us to look and see all that is before us that is pretty cool about our human experience. I would love to be a part of your fan list.

  39. Neil,
    For over a year now you’ve become the confidant and dear friend of many, whether you’ve met them in real life or not. When I need a sounding board, your blog has followed through. As I reach a transition-point in my life (about to graduate, hopefully taking off to Asia or a major U.S. city), I would love to join a community that would be a sounding board for you as well! Please let me know if I can help.

    With peace and love,

  40. You can’t believe all the AMAZING impacts that this blog has given me. To me, these tiny posts, bring me a sense of enjoyment that makes me feel like a child opening up their Christmas presents. These simple enjoyments have made me laugh and cry all at the same time and has made me realized how abundant life can be.

    Through these simple posts, I have gained and learned so much. I have learned that life simply moves on and that things can change for the better.

    I’m eager to be a part of your community that perceives the world through these curious and fascinating lens!


  41. Andrea

    I’ve been in a rough patch for the last few months…the kind of thing only time can heal. Time, and some awesome things. I check your blog every day for a reason to smile. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  42. Jacquelyn Ormsbee

    I really enjoy reading your posts every day; a bright spot in my mountain of email. Finding awesomeness in everyday things brings joy and thankfulness to me. I’m kind of a thought junkie and I like the way you think. I’m also a small business owner and have found that it is really hard to separate my mind into business and non business. I find myself taking business inspiration from movies, music and museum tours and I feel weird for that. Your premise of weird businessy ideas intrigues me. I would really like to be a part of your list.
    Warmth and smiles,

  43. Herro from NZ!
    I’d like to join your new email list as I am a small business owner/operator and sometimes I struggle with the loneliness of it and the frustrations of doing it on your own. I still love it – the self-employed lifestyle is the best, but you need to connect with positive people who can give you good straight up advice and pick you up on a down day. Your awesome blog already helps but anything extra I am up for – sign me up baby :)

  44. Emma

    Yet another fellow Canadian here!

    No matter what my day brings, I can always count on another awesome thing hand delivered to my inbox. This post, like many others have already said (and said better than I can), is just what I needed today. I’m currently sitting here debating on whether to put myself out there any apply for a job that is a little terrifying to me right now. Reading this post and thinking back on my many lumps and bumps just cements my need to move forward and move on. It’s time to be terrified!

    I would love to be part of the list and see what you have in store for us next.


  45. Mr. Tim

    Hey Neil,
    First of all I NEED to thank you for this blog. I come here religiously. I was a business owner, but things didn’t go so well. Now I am a broke employee who doesn’t like the job he’s doing. And to top it off, a loving relationship I was in has just ended, quite painfully I may add.
    All these years I studied self-help books and in the eyes of my friends, I am a motivator, a mentor, and I take pride and joy lifting up people’s spirits, but when I feel down, feel black, feel weak, feel lonely, and feel depressed I have no one to talk to. I tried to talk to myself in the mirror, comforting myself like I would do for my friends, but then I realize one can not lift up one’s self by his/her own bootstraps…
    Anyways, your post constantly remind me the world is not all black and gloomy. Thank you again, and the email list you mentioned, if it’s got to do with self-help and businessy then I WOULD LOVE to be a part of it!

    Keep up the awesome work!

  46. Rochelle

    Hi Neil!
    I love AWESOME THINGS! I love celbrating the “little” things in life – they are really big things, as life is made up of tons of little things. I would love to give you feedback. I really enjoy your blog and books. Your entries make me smile and laugh, they make me reflect and say “Uh Huh”. So I hope that I get to be one of the people you pick! :)

  47. ryan h

    Hi ,
    This is the first time I’ve seen or read your post on your page here. Stumbling on this post about joining the group to receive the email updates seems almost as if it is fate. Starting a new business and I’m always needing a helpful and motivational message to help me step into the unknown. Great to know others are looking at all the good things that helps make those bad days not so bad anymore. .
    Ryan H.

  48. courtney

    Hi Neil – I am a stay at home mother of awesome children. Ever since I was a very little girl I always tried to look at the world through the lens of ‘Awesome.’ I am blessed now to share that looking glass with my children, who honestly find it much more natural and easy to live in the world of awesome than most adults. Your List of Awesome makes it ever so much easy for me to slip into the world of awesome even when things don’t appear so awesome at all. I would love would love being a part of your email list!!!!

  49. opg

    Hi Neil,

    Would love to join your group! I’m a simple farm boy who left for university to avoid a failing small farm, couldn’t go back. Wound up in the big city (Calgary) and things have generally gone very well – good family, good job, clean, safe city, etc. I do find a gaping hole in life though, I tend to start missing appreciation for the simple things as the world around gets caught up in possession madness – new car, bigger house, more this, more that. I grew up appreciating the tiniest things because we had little. Every day reading your posts is a highlight for my day, it refocuses me on little things that truly bring happiness.

    It has been an astonishing lesson to me to see what one person can do to lift the spirits of so many people, so directly and simply. No big book deal (initially!), no grand platform…you just did it. I find that as inspirational as your daily posts as well.

    All the best Neil, hope all this good karma you create lands on your doorstep.

  50. I like how the comment box says “I’ve got something awesome to add” now. I’m glad the comments are back up for this one. This post really means a lot to me. Moving on is so hard for me to do, it takes me longer than it should. I tend to curl up on a ball and not let the world in. As for you email fan club, I am very much enjoying it!!

  51. andy

    Absoulutely ,please add me to your new list at this email address.I am a grief counselor for adults and children .Your AWESOME THINGS help me each morning and I pass them onto my clients.
    Keep paying it forward!!

  52. Pat

    Hey Neil!

    I would LOVE to join your new group! The words “different” and “weird” really got my attention!

    Been a daily fan of yours for two years – thanks for everything – it’s made a huge difference :)

  53. Marci Hainkel

    I would like to join the new group. I enjoy your blog so much. Even when the day is bad, I see that it is awesome when my cup handle is turned the right way in the microwave. When I read the awesome things each day, I still have a craving for broccoflower. When things are bad, the bits of awesome cheer me up and when things are good, they make it even better.

  54. Carol

    Your blog makes me smile and makes me cry, and constantly reminds me of the many sweet moments or memories I get to cherish if I focus my eyes on them:)
    Thank you Neil,


  55. I found you from the TED talk, in the depths of despair, and you are part of my lift upwards and onwards. I post on a gratitude site as well as my blog, but I come here for a shot of pure joy. I’d love to help you help me, and the world. Surely we all deserve the benefit of the effort of raising ourselves up out of the abyss of gloom.

  56. This post was so timely for me. You rock! I would love to receive emails from you. I read your posts when I remember, and usually when my day has been tough. I am usually still energized the whole next day, finding the “little joyous things” and asking random people if they’ve heard of you. Love this SO much

  57. I’d love to be part of the list. I’ve been reading these emails daily since high school after my english teacher recommended it to me. It’s been with me all these years and definitely cheers me up on the days that seem gloomy and down!

  58. Andrea

    Hi. I watched your TED Talk half an hour ago. I’m an Asian who did my study in Australia in my mid 10’s and moved to Africa in my mid 20’s. I think I’ve proven that your 3A’s are three of the most essential new-continent/country survival gears.

    ps : today (feb 28) is my 30th b’day. Would be awesome to be chosen for something awesome :)

  59. Linda

    Hi Neil
    It would be awesome to be part of your next project. I was introduced to your work when your first book was given to me as a present. For so many reasons I treasure that gift. It was the start of what has become a daily ritual. It is so reassuring to find someone who takes the time to find and appreciate the little positives in the world.

  60. Cherylkla

    Hi Neil, I’d love to be on this list. Your daily e-mail has changed the way I view the simplest things in life and see the awesomeness in the everyday things. Things we often take for granted and would never give a second thought to. For instance, after a recent post of yours, I’ll never pour cream in my coffee without thinking “Awesome!” Thanks for everything!

  61. Add me to your list. I love your work and your play. You are an encouragement to me and those in my W.R.A.P. Workshops.

  62. Meghan

    Hi Neil,
    You have created the MOST AWESOME thing and I am truly blessed that you did. My sister and I loyally read 1000awesomethings every day until you reached 1000. We waited that day until we could read it together, and when we opened the page, we both burst into tears! “Whatever you want it to be”. Genius. And we love how your writing makes us feel like you wrote every post just for us. I feel #565 was intended for me today and it is soothing my heart.
    My sister passed away just over a month ago, and now your site is one of the places I go when I want to feel connected to her. She and I also cried together over the loss of your friend, Chris. Our hearts broke you for, and we were immensely touched by your tribute to him. You are amazing.
    I’d be honored to assist anything you create in any way. Thank you for the opportunity. My email address is meghan@sgwr.com.
    Much love,

  63. Gina

    Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! ::waving hand like crazy to get your attention:: ps-i know this is almost a month old. sorry. put me on the waiting list? :

  64. Ok, here is my awesome moment for the day~
    Cleaning the house on a Saturday, everything is spick and span, the windows are open and the breeze comes in at the end of warm day, feeling like everything is done, and just taking it all in.
    Had a day like this today and it is definitely an awesome feeling!
    I would love to be added to your email group.

  65. KaayJaay

    i have just found your very cool page and i am ‘loving it’ . i cannot wait to read it all, you are witty and charming and i am so hoping i can be added to the group :)

  66. ginrose83

    I know I’m about a month late in replying to this post, but perhaps you’re still adding people to your group?

    I’m currently in the middle of teaching, setting up a new business, doing an intensive online course, making major lifestyle changes for the whole family, and still attempting to lead a normal life.
    Sometimes it feels incredibly overwhelming, and in those times, I like to take a breather and catch up on all of the Awesome Things that are still going on around me.

    Business and self-help? That’s right up my alley. :-)

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    the visitors are genuinely sharing good thoughts.

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