#497 The moment after the show ends and before the applause begins

Fat ladies hit the high note, trumpets blast in the pit band, and stage hands yank the curtains closed in that big booming finish at the end of the show. Yes, the guitarist slashes the final chord as that closing climax spirals up and up and up before just so suddenly … stopping. Then there’s a split-second of perfect silence as energy rip-rushes down the crowd and everyone stands up to let out a giant applause.


— Email message —

“I came across a bakery the other day and that wonderful smell reminded me how awesome life really is. After getting a fresh, still warm croissant I headed to the book store across the street. Two sales girls greeted me as I was chewing so I quickly swallowed to say hi back. After asking what I was eating, I told them about my bakery trip and that great smell. They looked at each other and smiled. “That’s awesome” one said to the other. That’s when I realized she was holding The Book of Awesome. “It IS awesome, and I need that book you’re holding,” I told them. She gave me the book and we started chatting about all the stuff that was in there, which included her favorite “High-fiving babies.” Another woman asked what we were talking about and after I showed her the book she told the sales girl she would take 2 copies. Spreading the awesome by word of mouth….. Awesome!” – Brae

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One response to “#497 The moment after the show ends and before the applause begins

  1. I like to be the first one to start clapping and the last one to stop. That’s not weird at all.

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