#496 Seeing way worse weather on TV somewhere else

Now, we certainly don’t wish trouble on our neighbors around the world.

It’s just that when we see rain filling up roads, snowdrifts burying mailboxes, and giant hailstones peppering people’s Preludes, there’s just one big thought that flashes through our brains and makes us feel lucky.

“I’m sure glad I’m not there.”


— Email message —

“Thank you so much for The Book of Awesome.The possibility of ordering your book online to Germany is absolutely AWESOME! My hometown is called Siegen in North Rhine Wetphalia. It is located 100 km east of Cologne. It is a relatively quiet place. A place where it is easy to spot 1000s of AWESOME things. :-)” – Tim

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3 thoughts on “#496 Seeing way worse weather on TV somewhere else

  1. But when there was a typhone in your place,and u don’t need to go to school.Awesome!

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