#452 Picking things up with your feet

Embrace your inner monkey.

Dirty crumpled socks, dropped Doritos, rogue pen caps: We see you there. Yes, we see you right in the crosshairs of our toes and we’re about to scoop you up with a good old fashioned foot scrunch.

Bending over is overrated.

Picking things up with your feet is


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8 thoughts on “#452 Picking things up with your feet

  1. I do it all the time! The best part is when you managed to toss whatever you picked up with your foot in the air and catch it in your hands!

  2. I had xrays yesterday at the doc’s for bone spurs in the heel. He asked, “Are you one of those people who can pick things up with your toes?” I thought ALL people could. So I picked up a golf ball off the floor with my right foot. He said some people can splay their toes like their fingers. Weird!!

  3. I do it constantly.. I have picked up bag of chips, clothes, pencils, papers, phones who know what else.. this is pretty funny ..
    Embracing my inner monkey!!

  4. I can pick things up, too! The weirdest thing I do with my feet is type with my toes…Whatever conversation I’m listening to, I have a tendency to type it out using my toes on an imaginary keyboard…LOL!

  5. My step dad enjoys golfing and always has golf balls on the floor in his office so I pick them up and throw them with my toes. He thinks I’m weird and that’s probably true but I don’t care.

  6. I love using my feet for things. I can actually even pick up coins off of the floor… and I’m not talking about carpet. Laminate wood floor or tile :)

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