#460 The Childhood Super Jump

Close your eyes and let your brain slip back …

You’re a tiny tot holding big hands walking down a sandy beach. As the sun sets over the glittery water the salty ocean breeze hits your hair and your feet squish into cool sand as somebody suddenly yells out “1-2-3 Wheeeeeeeeee!”

Your eyeballs pop, your chest lifts, your hands are squeezed tightly, and up you go…


— Email message —

“I love 1000 Awesome Things but I must admit that I find it really tedious that every single entry is followed by an email message. I remember when I started reading the site and I could just read through the posts and enjoy each one more than the last. Now when I get to the bottom of each, I inadvertently start reading other people’s messages. After 2 or 3 testimonials, it gets a little boring. I love the site and am glad you are touching peoples lives. But can you possibly make it so that you don’t automatically see these messages? I am inclined to forget about the awesomeness if I have to keep reading these testimonials.” -Lindsay


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