#246 When you’re looking for a friend at the grocery store and suddenly spot them at the end of the aisle

Sounds easy enough.

You grab the meat, I’ll grab the veggies, meet you at the front.

But after completing your Mint N’ Mushroom Mission and racing to the checkouts you suddenly find yourself all alone in Lineup Paradise. You can’t hang onto the awkward armload of plastic baggies for long so you trek out on a classic grocery store Hide And Seek Hunt.

Now you’re running around the store peeking your hopeful head down every aisle — hoping to spy your friend agonizing over salsa choices or sampling cold cuts way down the distant lane. You scramble forwards and back again before the big moment finally comes.

It’s your friend way, way down at the other end of the store.

And they’re waving.


Wow! The Book of Awesome is officially a New York Times bestseller! Thank you everyone! Our awesome movement rages on.

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” While at the cottage reading the original book of awesome things I happened across this page and couldn’t help but sigh and think of how awesome life was at that moment. Enjoy the attached picture. :)” – Olivia from Ottawa

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