#948 The Man Couch

Watch that purse!

The Man Couch is any couch conveniently located near the changerooms in a women’s clothing store.

You can tell which one’s The Man Couch, because it’s generally covered in man. Most are either text-messaging, napping illegally, or staring straight ahead, jaws dropped, pupils dilated, and completely zoned out, their arms full of purses and plastic bags from other stores.

Now, The Man Couch really is good for everybody:

For women, it gives them a convenient place to find their male shopping companion. There they are, right outside the change room! This is much better than having to track them down in the magazine section of Borders or in the EB Games by the food court, for instance. Also, it’s great knowing your purse is safe and there’s an opinion available if you want it.

For guys, The Man Couch is a place of solace and comfort. Its giving cushions provide a quiet reprieve from the unrelenting Day Of Shopping. Surrounding guys are fellow travelers, their worn-weary eyes telling cautionary tales of Seven-Sweater Fashion Shows and Lineups For Hemming. Yeah, it’s a tired, quiet gang sitting there in the couch hostel at the back of the store.

So thank you, The Man Couch. Without you our calves would be burning even more, our boyfriends would be over at the record store, and we’d all be sitting on the floor.

The Man Couch, ladies and gentlemen!


Chilling on The Man Couch

40 thoughts on “#948 The Man Couch

  1. The way some stores have the change rooms and man couch located, there is a fine line between “loyal husband” and “creepy perv” in the change room hallway.

  2. 120% agreed!
    The man couch is a source of infinite relief on shopping trips with my girlfriend. Forever 21, you need to get on this, pronto!

    By the way, this blog is brilliant. Brilliant!

  3. I hate to drag my husband along for my personal wardrobe shopping except grocery shopping. I am not the one who needs an opinion or someone to look after my purse. It is a torture for men to wait the ladies try on the never ending dresses and shoes.

      1. Me too. I’d rather not bring someone else shopping with me. I prefer to go at it alone.

        If I go with girlfriends, theyre tastes are usually too pricey than mine. I’m an outlet type of person and love hunting for bargains.

  4. I love man couches. Especially when my mum decides a family outing to watch her go shopping would be fun. It actually annoys me where there is nowhere else to sit except for changing room hallway floors, which are quite gross actually.

  5. Indeed! Hear Hear!! I don’t know how many times the Man Couch has been there for me when I needed it most. Here’s to the man couch for allowing us to pretend that we are interested in what she is trying on for just a few hours longer. God bless you.

    Jerame Clough
    -Next Gen Politics

  6. dude, im a girl, but im a HUGE fan of the man couch.. dont get me wrong, i love to shop, but only if im in the mood. otherwise, it makes me cranky…
    has anyone else ever fallen asleep in the furniture section of a huge department store? i totally FELL ASLEEP on a display bed at Meijers.. i grabbed myself a pillow, and it was surprisingly very comfy.. but thats off topic.. lol! :D

  7. This is so funny! My fiance’ is definately a fan of the “man couch”…he totally scopes them out pretty much upon entering any clothing store with me…and usually, there is some other exhausted looking guy already sitting there! Nice post..

    Kia (bride0909)

  8. Someone at JC Penney actually offered to bring a man chair (closely-related cousin to the Man Couch) for my husband while we were shopping! Can customer service get any better than that? I think not!

  9. yes, the man couches ROCK, but it is a bit akward to be the only woman sitting along with the waiting guys.. haha. i do that occasionally, and usually get weird looks. :) ooh, another awesome place is the kids place, with a kids show and brightly colored stuff around it. AWESOME when you have a tiny one who needs distracting if only for a moment!

  10. i would much prefer avoiding the cause for the need of the Mancouch altogether, but yes, i would like to hug the person who came up with the idea…

    this got me thinking… when did women start dragging their men around with them on their shopping excursions? has it always been like this?

    just one of those weird, pointless things i wonder about

  11. I totally saw a “man couch” couch that had a television set up, too. Cable and everything! And, sure enough, there were two middle-aged men sitting and watching sports.


  12. Gayfer’s bridal department had the best man couch. I could stick my then fiance there and try on my gown, get alterations, and everything. He used to ask me, “Are you sure you are ready to go?????” He also liked the chairs near the fitting room….he could sit there and I would not have to go looking for him throughout the mall….

  13. the worst part of the womans shop-til-my-ankles-give out , and bags cut into my arms day,is having to smell little kids urine from inside YOUR dressing room cubicle! ick!

  14. I have been reading through this entire blog, a little bit each day. Today I was having a rough day and this made it so much better. The man couch love had me laughing out loud. thank you.

  15. When I saw the title “man couch” I immediately thought of a sexy affectionate man stretched out on a couch and inviting ME to sit and cuddle against him – he, now being the couch for me…….. heavenly.

  16. “staring straight ahead, jaws dropped, pupils dilated, and completely zoned out, their arms full of purses and plastic bags from other stores.” that just cracked me up! wonderfull

  17. AWESOME indeed! Definitely a relief for one of least fun parts of dating for guys, The Man Couch is second only to Spending Too Much Time on the Toilet at Work for setting new high scores for my cell phone games.

  18. much rather go with the girls!
    but if you must, then the man couch definately helps and every store should know that!!

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  21. I have never seen a man couch in all my days of shopping with women. Where do you find these things?

  22. Occasionally, if you’re lucky, the store will have unlocked wifi and/or a table with magazines on it. Believe it or not, I’ve found a few if these rare beauties.

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