#930 Finally getting a piece of popcorn that’s been stuck in your teeth all day out

Don't be fooled by the sunny exterior

You know when you can just feel that popcorn kernal stuck back there in swampy recesses of your mouth and it’s totally infuriating?

Yes, your tongue slides past its smooth surface unsuccessfully, your toothbrush’s flimsy bristles just can’t shake it, and even your fingernail can’t quite unwedge it from the tight molar deathgrip it’s stuck in.

So the fork is dropped and the dessert lays unfinished, the conversation fades to a blurry, distant noise, and the world stops around you as you just keep trying and trying and trying to get that popcorn kernal out. You close your eyes and squint, you tilt your head, you emit a deep-bass “nnnnnnn” noise, as your body directs all available faculties at flushing this thing out. But it just sits there tightly, clogging and gumming up your entire system like a pile of defaulted mortgages.

Then suddenly it falls out.



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37 responses to “#930 Finally getting a piece of popcorn that’s been stuck in your teeth all day out

  1. Melissa

    Truly, this is the most cleansing and liberating feeling in the world. Almost makes me want to get popcorn stuck in there, just so I can get it out.. almost.

  2. besch64

    I’ve been waiting for an entry that could even approach the ultimate awesomeness of #987, picking the perfect nacho. This is the closest you’ve ever come. Congrats.

  3. WOW this is soooo dead on…It’s almost as good as the feeling when your dying to pee and you finally get to….


  4. joe

    That is good, but I like:
    … you know when you are tipping back in your chair? and then it starts to fall back, and you catch yourself just before it does?

    That feeling — thats the one

  5. I had this happen to me today on the way to work. Made my entire day once that puppy popped out while driving down the road. Best thing ever.

  6. Karen

    The same goes for raspberry seeds!

  7. tyler

    gosh, that happens tome all the freakin’ time,
    I remember when I was talking to my crush at school, and it was stuck between my two front teeth, Bummer.

  8. Some Dental Hygienist

    While cleaning a patient’s teeth I found a piece of popcorn kernel. I asked her when she had last eaten popcorn – it had been almost a week!

  9. Monet


  10. amanda

    when you have braces on, getting anything unstuck from your teeth is awesome!

    love the blog by the way!

  11. This is great when it finally is out!

  12. That happens to me when I eat apples – I always get this annoying piece of apple skin stuck in my teeth.

  13. Have been searching for some decent information on this for awhile now thats for the great article.

  14. Moggs

    That is almost as great at getting a piece of popcorn that you didnt even know was there, in fact you dont even remember eating popcorn. Its a real thinking situation.

  15. Sp3nc3r

    I concur. So much relief.
    The funny part is that right after that, you start eating popcorn again, and then get another kernel stuck. Just for it to fall out again.

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  17. Cassie

    One of the most satisfying this EVER.

  18. Andrea

    OMG – sadly this really gives me a sense of achievement! lol

  19. kristen

    iv’e had a small piece of a popcorn kernel stuck in my mouth, it almost feels like it’s in my toungue, everytime i swallow, or forget and make a sudden move with my tounge it hurts, and i cant seem to point out were its t, it deep in the back of my tounge, iv’e tried, brushing, fingers, just about everything, but nothing is working! If you have any advice please email me.! shrtnsassie5326@aol.com

  20. L I S U

    yeah it’s awesome. the longest i had one stuck if for a day and it was extremely annoying

  21. Keara

    The AWESOME relief here highlights why #976 (flossing) is so AWESOME. With all of our failed attempts, a simple piece of string brings sweet relief.

  22. Trevor

    YES, oh my god yes, never have I experienced a victory so complete as this :D

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  24. wendywithaurora

    My Favorite Meal and such a relief too, ya…”GO Popcorn!”

  25. akjsd

    A wedge of popcorn just came out after two and a half days!! The moment of pulling the kernel out was so sweet…. Again! Again!

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  28. janine

    freedom at last

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