#907 When your favorite sports team is in the big nationally televised game

Maybe you’re the San Diego Chargers fan who watches every game wearing a football helmet and a big foam thumb on your couch. Maybe you’re a diehard freak for the Boston Red Sox, Montreal Canadiens, or Manchester United. Or maybe you can’t stop watching Chinese Taipei’s majestic Cinderella climb into the Little League World Series.

Whatever your bag, one thing’s for sure: there’s nothing finer than watching your favorite team on national television. For so many reasons:

  • Pressure. The audience for your team shoots up exponentially and your favorite players are broadcast into strange living rooms around the world. This is the big moment where everybody will judge you, so you better be ready to perform. Don’t let it get to your head.
  • Better announcers. Okay, you may lose some of the local favorites who cheer for your club all the time. But you gain the veterans who’ve been broadcasting for years. I mean, how sweet is it when Joe Morgan chimes in with a stat on Sunday Night Baseball? It’s like gravelly, statistically-accurate music.
  • Feel like you’re home. Hey, if you don’t live in your home town anymore the big show might be the only chance you get to see your team play. How great is it to watch The World Cup in big city bars around the world? That’s what I’m talking about.
  • It means you’re at least somewhat decent. Because they probably wouldn’t broadcast you nationally if your team was the Baltimore Orioles or something.

When your local club makes the Monday game, the World Cup, or the Final Four, there’s just something special about sitting down at home and watching them compete on that big stage. So take the phone off the hook, make some popcorn, and settle in for a great night with a million friends.


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33 thoughts on “#907 When your favorite sports team is in the big nationally televised game

  1. Ha Ha, “gravelly, statistically-accurate music”. I love it!
    Also, Baltimore Orioles? They still have that?

  2. Totally awesome! I know I loved it when the Bolts embarrassed the Cheatriots on the nationally televised Sunday Night game a few weeks ago, I felt a little extra Charger-pride because I knew that people all over the country were watching this happen, and not just the small number of people in the regional markets.

    Joe Morgan isn’t that bad.. it’s not like he said something positive about Joe Buck or Tim McCarver. Joe Morgan and Jon Miller are actually a great baseball announcing duo.

  3. This without question the greatest entry you’ve ever done. As a Packers fan living in New Jersey, this is very close to my heart. When the Pack Attack is on Monday Night Football, it’s like Christmas for me.

    Great job.

  4. Aw, way to come at the Orioles. Just because they’re not big time doesn’t mean they don’t make a lot of Baltimore citizens happy. Everybody needs a little something to root for. Black and orange, baby!

    1. Sooooo with you! As soon as I read that, it made me never want to read another thing this man has to say!

      But, I will. Everyone makes mistakes AND the majority of his works are true.

  5. I hate when my teams are in the nationally televised games. The announcers don’t know anything specific about the players or the team. They throw out generalities that could apply to anyone. And, generally speaking, national announcers are clearly pulling for the team from New York or the guy with the most star power.

    And Joe Morgan is the worst ever. Ever.

  6. Unless it’s the NFL because really with them you have no choice,I like watching the local guys if they’re on because you know what you’re going to get.The national guys talk up the other team,too,and you don’t want that,do you?

  7. Except if it is on fox. Joe Buck is HORRIBLE! Such a Philly hater. But it is awesome when the Phillies are on National TV and people get to see how awesome the team is. What a great couple seasons it has been.

  8. Man. I read the beginning and I was thinking, “Man, I live in L.A. and haven’t seen the Orioles on national TV in years. That sucks.” And then you go and rub it in my face.

    And as a final insult, when mentioning good, national announcers, you mention Joe Morgan, a simpering idiot of a parrot who trods all over the informative, insightful, easygoing of a former Orioles broadcaster, John Miller.

  9. Especially when your team has won 6 super bowls and your hockey team won the stanley cup last year! Always love for the steelers and the pens… Miss my home town. Even the pirates even though weve been last place 17 years in a row… Only time ill see them now is nationaly televised.

    1. Yeahhhh! Pittsburgh! I just moved away to go to college and I never thought I would miss it this much! GO PENS! Pitt is seriously the BEST sports town.

  10. Dude … you and I live in Toronto. We have the Leafs and we have the Jays. I am a die-hard Leaf fan, always have been … but really? When was the last time our teams made the finals? ;)

  11. I am most definitely the diehard freak fan of the Montreal Canadiens. There is something spectacular about watching the games every Saturday on Hockey Night in Canada, it’s a mix of the veteran announcers, Don Cherry, and the extra intensity and grit of the team.

  12. and that “Skinny dipping in Illegal places” guy…
    I don’t understand this post very well.
    Ya, I think I’ve over-dosed for the day too.
    In Don Cherry’s voice, ” GOOD NIGHT AWESOME-LAND!”

  13. I’ll take big time college football anytime. Its always best to be the 3:30 game on
    CBS (SEC of course). ESPN at 7:00 pretty good. Nobody likes being on the Deuce but its still better than the noon Raycom.

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