#906 Drinking a glass of cold water right after eating ice cream

Get the tap running

Drinking a glass of cold water right after eating ice cream is like pure freezing cold mouth bliss. Your inside cheeks are frozen raw, your throat is cold and stiff, and your molars are wedged tightly with bits of nuts and chocolate.

So when you chug down that cold glass of water, it’s like an Arctic dam spilling into a sugary mineshaft. That water just feels so refreshing — like jumping into a bathtub of ice cubes, injecting Gatorade into your heart, or showering after a really, really long time.

And is it just me, or does the water seem to take away a bit of the guilt, too? Like you’re somehow balancing out the cold, fat lump of Cherry Garcia in the pit of your stomach with something healthy and calling it even. 

Hey, works for me.  


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40 thoughts on “#906 Drinking a glass of cold water right after eating ice cream

  1. I thought I was the only one that did this. I’ve also found that not-quite ice cold water is the best ice cream headache cure.

  2. Have to disagree here. The water only serves to wash away the mouthful of flavor bliss that the ice cream left behind. Nothing awesome about that. But hey, 1 out of 94 entries isn’t bad!

    1. Yeah, I agree. However, a glass of ice cold water after a breath mint has the same icy effect without killing any of the flavor, and THAT is awesome.

      1. i often find that id youre nervous or talking a lot, and have just had a mint, when you take a deep breath it FEELS awesome while also calming and bringing you back down to earth :)

  3. This is my favorite topic yet! Although, I must admit that when I first scanned the article (and was blinded by my excitement), I understood it to be drinking a glass of cold water WHILE eating ice cream…this being perhaps the single most awesome thing ever. How often do you hear people describe various desserts/ice cream by saying that the first bite is always the most satisfying? Well, when a slurp of cold water is taken between bites, it seems like every bite taken is a “first” bite. Add onto that the extreme refreshment of intermittent drinks of ice cold water rushing down your throat and you have something truly awesome. For those of you that have yet to try this, I highly recommend it.

  4. I totally agree with how awesome the water/ice cream combo is. My family thinks I’m so weird for doing this, but I guess I’m not the only one.

  5. I love this entry! I totally do this and it’s the greatest! Washes nothing away…makes ya feel good!

  6. Kinda like the feeling of downing a glass of water after a whole bar of melted/ing chocolate

  7. I can’t go without an ice cold glass of MILK after finishing ice cream. Water’s okay, but milk is less shocking to the system. Like milk and cookies.

  8. Ice cream makes me thirsty so I always have water when I’m having ice cream, which is not often because I prefer sherbet.

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  10. Our Ben and Jerry’s had a gallon water cooler- the type you see at sporting events. It was free so after you finished your ice cream there was some lukewarm water waiting for you. I wished it was still open- that store closed last year.

  11. I have to say that my favorite is when you finish your ice cream and then pour really cold milk into the bowl or mug you just ate your ice cream out of and then drink that with all the little melted leftovers you couldn’t get with your spoon in the milk… that’s awesome.

  12. Perfect balance, especially after a scoop of “Heavenly Hash”, which is the best ice cream flavor in the world, next to a DQ, “Jack and Jill” sundae.

  13. I totally agree– Like the other posters here, I thought I was the only one who did this. It started when I was a kid: The local Carvel had a water fountain in front, and the water always felt good after the ice cream. Kind of washes down the thick, sugary-sweet mess in your mouth and throat, which always makes me thirsty. The best is to have the cold water IMMEDIATELY after the ice cream, not to wait. Now I pour a big glass of ice water BEFORE scooping the ice cream, so it’s ready to chug as soon as I finish with my bowl. Feels awesome– Like scratching an unbelievable itch… Ahhhhh!

  14. Yes! I’m a server at this restaurant/ ice cream place and sometimes when people come only to eat ice cream and get nothing to drink I think it’s so weird!

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