#790 Seeing someone laugh in their sleep

the-moonIt’s late, it’s dark, it’s quiet.

You’re tossing and turning, wrapped tightly in a mummy’s tomb of crumpled sheets and flat pillows, while your bed buddy blissfully slumbers on. Maybe you try laying perfectly still, flipping the pillow, or taking deep breaths timed to Subconscious Sam’s snoring beside you.

You might be frustrated, you might be tired, you might be ready to pack it in and scream — but sometimes, once in a while, it’s at these perfect moments when the person laying next to you starts laughing in their sleep. And what a bizarre and hilarious sight that is because it’s like — what’s so funny?

I mean sure, we’re used to laughing at things we see in our waking life. Your roommate drops a hammer on their toe, crazy Uncle Lou starts dancing at a wedding, sure. We get those things. But when somebody’s laughing in their sleep it’s a different kind of funny because it’s the most inside of inside jokes. You aren’t in on it and frankly, they aren’t either.

So whether it’s baby in the crib, the guy next to you in the tent, or your girlfriend wedged beside you on the futon, there’s something just so hilarious when you see them laugh in their sleep and try to imagine what’s running through their head.


Wait, wait, wait, hold on, last question: do you ever try to influence their dreams by whispering little things in their ear and stuff?

Me neither.


Remembering something funny from the womb

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58 thoughts on “#790 Seeing someone laugh in their sleep

  1. Oh wow, that is awesome! My boyfriend does it all the time, and it used to freak me out because I’d never heard anyone do that before. But I still think it’s really weird.

    And I haven’t thought of trying to influence his dreams before (but I think I might now, thanks for the idea!), but I do talk back when he starts rambling out loud.

    1. I laugh in my sleep! I didn’t know until I started college. My roommates tell me I laugh all the time. Last night I was having a conversation and whispered, “I have a secret” and then laughed. It was embarrassing at first but now I just find it hilarious, I wish I knew what was so funny or what I could possibly be dreaming about.

  2. Hmmm, I think I’ll try to influence somebody’s dream one of these days. I do know how it felt like sleeping next to someone who talks and argues in his/her dream. Trust me, it can be freaky.

  3. “You aren’t in on it and frankly, they aren’t either.”

    Honestly, my friend. The way you make words awesome reminds me of the way that Genie turns Abu into an elephant in Aladdin.

  4. haha, I love this. One of my friends laughs and talks in his sleep all the time, and people always try talking back to him. The best part is, he talks back. I wish I had it on camera!

  5. Growing up, I used to share a room with my sister, who used to talk in her sleep all the time. One time she started laughing, and then said “ha ha ha, that’s the first time I ever saw a head coming out of a pizza!” (I’m sort of hoping it was the last, too.)

    1. Now the cursing in your sleep I have done, my friend recorded it, apparently I cussed out the guy I used to date in my sleep. Called him a cheating a_hole, funny thing is he actually was cheating lol.
      I am right now listening to my boyfriend chuckle in his sleep, it’s like babe, what’s so funny? *poke* don’t do any good he just resumes snoring at that point.

  6. hehe – mine doesnt exactly laugh while hes sleeping…its just smiling and he seems to be eating in his dreams^^ – cute!

  7. haha i did influence my friend’s dream one time… she was taking up the entire king-sized bed that we were supposed to share, and i gently tried to push her over to the side. then i started whispering her name in her ear, with hopes of waking her up.

    she then proceeded to start sobbing in her sleep.

    when she woke up, she told me she was having a dream that she was in the city with her family, when these men came up to her and started pushing her around, and she could hear someone calling her name, in the distance.

    my fault for her nightmare.
    never told her, though.

  8. My daughter does this – it’s the best thing in the world. She’s happy, warm, and safe, and I get to share the moment.

  9. My brother used to laugh in his sleep all the time, and I have awoken to find myself laughing, and don’t know what at.

  10. Haha!! i whisper little things in people’s ears when they are talking in their sleep……it’s funny!!

  11. My baby brother was like 3 when he feed my sister a cookie. She was fast asleep but she ate it anyway. She didn’t even wake up afterwards. Odd

  12. True story–for both of my boys, the first time I ever heard either one of them laugh was when they were sleeping. Hearing a baby laugh for the first time is absolutely AWESOME!

  13. im so glad to know theres others out there because when i heard my boyfriend laughing in his sleep for the first time it was weird , but now its the funniest thing ive ever seen! I like it, it brings a smile to my face. And its nice to know hes not crazy. I really thought he was the only one because ive heard of talking, crying, screaming, but never laughing. ITS GREAT!!!!!

  14. I LOVE this. I laugh in my sleep all of the time and wake myself up when I do. I’ve never heard anyone else laugh in their sleep, but hope to someday :)

  15. I once fell asleep at an airport and woke up to find out that I had been snoring and everyone was kind of laughin at me… Its not that related to the post but it still is kind of funny =D

  16. Haha I love this one. My boyfriend also works on cars in his dreams. He’ll tighten bolts and screws.

  17. I woke up laughing uncontrollably last night. (I thinks this is the first time ever)..I was laughn sooo hard it scared me i started cryin at the same time like “WTH”??? My kids came running like MOM r u ok? I ts funny now but i dont remember dreaming or anything?? i had to pray to clear my mind because I started Questioning God like is this “my LAST LAUGH” LOL freaky but funny!!!!

  18. I have my *name* because of an influenced dream. My mom wanted one name; my dad wanted another (my current name). So they decided to sleep on it. As always (haha), Mom fell asleep first….so Dad leaned over to her in her sleep and whispered my current name over and over again in her ear. She woke up the next day to tell him that “hey, Patricia sounds like a nice name after all”.

  19. When he was young, my son used to crawl into bed with me in the middle of the night. One night he was doing that baby laugh, you know, from the toes up. It was wonderful, and as much as I wanted him to enjoy the dream, I had to know what it was about, so I woke him and asked him. He said “I was dreaming that I was the Pillsbury Dough boy and you were pushing me in the tummy.” He turns 35 this month, and to this day I am glad I asked.


  20. Haha, I just woke up right now, and I was laughing so I decided to search what it means to laugh in your dreams. I remember a long time ago, (I forgot who told me) that when you laugh in your sleep, whatever dream you’re having, it means angels are watching over you. I think so much that weird stuff happens to me. I sleepwalk, I talk, I cry, I laugh, and I also ‘feel’ things in my dreams. I mean like, I had a dream that I was run by a car, and I woke up because I thought someone pushed me, but I didn’t even hit or get hit by anything…

  21. I love influencing my girlfriend’s sleep, telling her i love her or how pretty she looks. Sometimes she’ll just make sounds and sometimes she’ll reply back, “I love you” or ” thanks babe”. She talks in her sleep every now and than. She works at a tanning salon and one time she tried selling me a bottle of lotion, so i asked what kind i should get. She recommended me one but when i agreed to buy it she prompted me they didn’t have the lotion in stock, so i then began to play an angry customer. It was so funny!!!! lol and its just one of the many things that makes her so unique.

  22. LOL’! My baby boy used to do this all the time, from when he was 4 weeks up until he was around 6 months.

    He hasn’t sleep-laughed in a while though. I used to get this strange feeling like an over-whelming sense of love and protection when i used to watch him. I think maybe because he is so obviously content, yet so vulnerable. No matter how tired I was, I could never stop myself from breaking into a smile.

    Awesome :)

  23. Depends on if it is a fun laugh – or an evil sounding laugh. If it was an evil sounding laugh – I would be cautious of that person for awhile to make sure their diabolical plan does not go as planned.

  24. Haha I love this one. One time, I was visiting my aunt, but she doesn’t have a spare room, so I got to sleep in her daughters room. Well, the oldest had a nightmare, so my aunt was sleeping in the bottom bunk with her, and I was in the top bunk, with the youngest in the crib right next to the bunk beds, and also my grandmother was sleeping in a trundle bed in front of the bunk bed. We were squished in pretty tight. Well, I woke up everyone, including myself by laughing in my sleep. Wish I could remember what I was dreaming about…

  25. Last night i woke up laughing uncontrollably,my sister was sleeping in the bed with me and she started freaking out saying she was going to call 911 if i didnt stop (shes a drama queen), i continued to laugh for 15 mins I couldnt stop and I didnt know why lol…My sister thought I went crazy… any thoughts?

  26. I have my great grandma and she is still alive(I know that sounds funny).One day as I was visiting her she was asleep and snoring so weirdly and suddenly she laughed and that made me laugh my ass off.

  27. “I had a dream”, by Abba, one of my favorite sonds of all time.
    I have woken up laughing; even better when remember why.
    Love to hear someone, especially my children and now grand children laughing in their sleep…Terrific sweet dreams!
    Frances said Angels, I believe!

  28. Lol I laugh in my sleep, and sometimes I actually manage to wake myself up. My ex boyfriend saw me do it once and he said he just layed beside me laughing at me laughing

  29. I love laughing in my sleep! I’ll wake myself up sometimes and just have the giggles – groggy giggles. And you’re right, most the time it is like an inside joke that even I don’t get! In fact I still feel giggly from last night!

  30. I am a single dad with two young children. Last night my almost 6 year old son crawled into bed with me (half asleep) and then fell right to sleep. A few minutes later he started laughing in his sleep. It brought the biggest smile on my face to hear this. He did it a few times. I made me feel so good to know that he could be happy enough to have dreams that make him laugh! BTW.. This article made me laugh very hard when I ready it. The “But when somebody’s laughing in their sleep it’s a different kind of funny because it’s the most inside of inside jokes. You aren’t in on it and frankly, they aren’t either.” is really what got me because I thought the same thing!

  31. My 4 yr old son has now twice sat up on his bed and laughed for 5+ minutes. Both times we went to his room and sat with him. He’s just sitting on the side of the bed looking forward and laughing. He doesn’t seem to hear us when we ask him what is funny. After a while he just lies down and goes back to sleep.

  32. Oh my goodness that is so CUTE!!! Ive never heard or seen anyone laugh in their sleep but I sure hope I can catch it some day!! :) I did see someone talking in their sleep at a airport once, it was so funny and a few people saw it, I felt so sorry for the guy when he woke himself up and saw ppl staring at him lol. Sweet post, thanks for sharing

  33. I used to cry out of sleep, but now I have hysterically funny dreams that make me laugh out of dreams. I’m quite expressive and creative, so I suspect it’s down to having a creative and over active mind. It use to freak me out, but now I just go with it because it makes me feel awesome and alive….I’ve also been told I have a peaceful smile on my face when I sleep….never considered it anything special…i don’t get to see it….and I never remember my funny dreams….wish I did.

  34. I was asleep last night, my partner eventually woke me up because I was laughing uncontrollably, & I couldn’t stop. Even when I did, the laughter kept coming in little waves, I had to think some really sober thoughts to stop. He wasn’t amused & thinks I’m not all there. I can’t quite remember what caused the laughter, there’s a slight mist, I almost know but I’m not sure. Even this morning, it has the capabilities of setting me off again. How wonderful!

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  36. This actually happened to me last night. I was watching the office on my cellphone with my headphones on when (as so often happens) a funny part came on and I began to snicker when suddenly my sleeping husband began to snicker as well, this was so hilarious that I began laughing even harder which made him laugh even harder and it eventually woke him up. So weird, but so funny…

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