#779 Getting into a bed with clean sheets after shaving your legs


Stubble-free legs and cool, clean sheets combine to form a silky-smooth ride into Dreamland.


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75 thoughts on “#779 Getting into a bed with clean sheets after shaving your legs

    1. who says woman can only relate to this post? i am a man who shaves his legs among other things, and the feeling of shaved legs and clean sheets is heavenly

  1. I had no idea you were a woman. I guess since I’m a guy I just assumed you were. Or is this being written by multiple people? Or are you a guy who just posts this one thing because it was voted on and you don’t want to exclude things that women enjoy? Or are you a guy who shaves his legs?

    Who knows. Anyway I’m sure it’s awesome

      1. i feel for anyone who hasn’t experienced this!
        maybe it would be ok if you only did it once….

      2. I don’t see why not. If you’re curious, go ahead.

        Plenty of professional athletes shave their legs… (mostly swimmers)… to gain speed.

      3. I know a lot of guys who shave their legs. All serious swimmers do. I reduces friction, so you can swim faster. Michael Phelps probably shaves his legs.

  2. Oh goodness it’s an epic slice of awesome.

    lol btw, I’m with Ian. I always thought this was written by a guy XD

  3. the ideal scenario? you wash all of your bed linens and then make your bed all nice and showroomy-looking. you take a long shower- wash your hair, exfoliate, shave your legs- and then lotion up your legs. then you turn down the perfectly-placed covers and slide into a nice, clean bed. seriously AWESOME.

  4. This is seriously one of my favorite feelings ever. Now I want to wash my sheets and shave my legs before bed (but it’s 2:30 am).

  5. A guy does write this..
    Ha, well however you know this Neil, it certainly is wonderfully AWESOME. I absolutely adore this feeling! I always think I’m the only one.

    1. uhhh, i dont know if anyone noticed, or even if anyone is interested, but that is the exact same thing a guy from a Mixing Machine company posted on the awesome thing of mixing cookie dough with your hands. Spam!

    1. Ah, yes. The bra.
      My male best friend STILL doesn’t understand the freedom it gives after wearing that damned thing all day.

      It also feels so weird when you haven’t shaved your legs in so long, then you shave them and put some pants on. Your legs feel naked.

      1. Unfortunately, I don’t think men will ever find anything that compares to the removal of a bra after a long day. But I do think that the removal of hair is something that everyone should experience, whether it is shaving your legs or your head (as many guys seem to experience more often than shaving their legs). Either way, the experience is wonderful.

  6. ah!! so awesome! you know what else is awesome? that feeling right after you plop down on your bed, right before you wiggle into your sheets.
    thanks for being so awesomely accommodating of women, neil!

  7. I always thought this was written by a guy too. But it might be his girlfriend kicking in from time to time. :P LOL And I never caught the bra one. LOL Can’t see how.

    Anyway… Great job, yet again… Awesome! :D

  8. I will always shave my legs when I change the sheets on the bed just for this reason! LOVE IT!!!!

  9. Oooooh, YES! That is so good. Feels so silky and nice. I love it :D

    And yay for thinking of the women ;)

  10. oh yea! i bath at nite and i change the sheets once a week, and i really look forward to the nite that i do change them. as a matter of fact, every week i say the same thing to my husband…..ah theres nothing like clean sheets after a bath

  11. I am a guy who shaves his legs every day. The feeling is amazing, and so is the look…I cannot stand leg hair.

    The feeling of getting into bed, with clean sheets and freshly shaven legs, is one of the best ever!!!

    This post is great.

  12. Am also a guy and used to wax for cycling. I can relate to the awesomeness of freshly waxed legs and fresh clean sheets. It was so good I wanted to do my whole body!

  13. I just shaved tonight in preparation for that exact description. Indeed, it feels absolutely divine! What a coincidence that I would find this list on this very night!

  14. ooh i’ve got a bonus for this one! wearing satin pajamas (or satin sheets) after just shaving your legs…. heaven!

  15. OMG – I have to forward this. I was trying to explain this my bf why I was going to wait a day to change my sheets because I didn’t feel like shaving my legs that day. He could not understand why the two events were related…. This is SOOOOO AWESOME!!!!!!!

  16. I cannot get my husband to shave his legs no matter what, so it’s more like Grizzy Adams in Sasquatch land “between our sheets!”
    Which is actually, totally cool by me!(LOL)

  17. It’s awesome because the other night my stubbly legs were rubbing against my sheets and it was keeping me up so I got up, shaved my legs, and drifted back to a heavenly sleep!

  18. Haha I remember going to bed the other day and thinking to myself… My sheets aren’t fresh so I changed them and dud me legs awesome

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