#763 Scraping all the lint off an overflowing lint trap

How good does that feel?There’s something therapeutic about finger-peeling that dark-gray-with-red-flecks fuzz patch off the trap, rolling it into a ball, and tossing it in the trash. Yes, after you ditch that hot, furry blanket both you and your dryer can finally breathe again.


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52 thoughts on “#763 Scraping all the lint off an overflowing lint trap

  1. LOL- No word of a lie, I have a huge ball of this stuff sitting in a pile on the shelf above my dryer. I keep on thinking I could use it for something! It’s so smooth. Let the bidding begin!!

    1. Apparently it makes good fire starter. I say kindly ‘pay it forward’ and stuff it into a firelog next time you’re at the store.

    2. If you leave it on a tree or somewhere outside, animals will use it for their nests; birds especially.

  2. It sucks when you can’t quite get a hold of it, so you have to scrape it off little bit by little bit. The best is when it comes off in one solid sheet.

  3. Haha holy crap i literally did it about 20 minutes ago for the first time ever and then i logged onto the computer and saw this entry. weird…

  4. Dude! You’re totally reading my mind! Last week, I couldn’t figure out why my clothes wouldn’t dry, so I checked the lint trap. Behold, as usual my roommate hadn’t cleaned the thing out for a couple of weeks, and the mat was an inch deep. As it literally fell off the lint trap, I thought to myself “this should be on 1000 Awesome Things.”

  5. I proudly keep all of my lint. I think it may be possible to use it to clone my fuzzball cat… but in the meantime it makes an awesome firestarter, wet camping wood be damned.

  6. You know, there are people out there that would love to buy that lint, they use it to do that felting craft. You use a needle prong and pound it into the shape and design you want, looks pretty cool too! They look for odd colors of lint to buy all the time! Check it out!

  7. It gets even better when you clean out the entire tube leading to the vent outside the house. Your clothes dry in 1/3 the time.

  8. Seriously, where the heck is all that lint comming from? This question could be on a list of top 1000 curious things.com

  9. Ooh yes! I got new flannelette sheets the other day, and WOW, the fluff that came off them after the first washing and drying! Probably the thickest sheet of lint I’ve ever had the pleasure of peeling off. All in one piece, too :D

  10. I’m glad/relieved to know that other people out there take pleasure in such a little thing. Thanks!

  11. The awesome thing to do with a big wad of dryer lint is to take it with you next time you go camping and use it as tinder for the campfire. Nice and flammable. An awesome camper can start a fire with just one match. To be extra awesome, the dryer lint can be used to start a fire with a magnesium firestarter (the little stick thing that sparks when you scrape it.)

  12. Truly an awesome thing! Thanks for the website, heard about it on CBC radio and gave been checking daily!!

  13. I love you for finally getting the word out about this. Removing the lint is one of the simple joys of life. I have no idea why it’s so sweet and satisfying, it just is.

  14. Why not stop burning up the planet and just put your cloths on a washing line to dry, like we do in the rest of the world.

    Did you know nobody makes cloths pegs in the USA anymore?

  15. I have 4 years worth of dryer lint in a Target bag on the shelf above the dryer. Much of it is gray or lightly tinted plain lint, but a solid rectangle of thick monochrome lint marks the first washing of a major item such as towels or new bedsheets. I have considered trying to use it for something creative, but it is also sprinkled with short black cat hairs, and thus far has been piling up.

  16. Every party has a pooper and I’m it: know what’s really yucky and you only do it once? Cleaning out the lint trap with damp hands.

  17. I’ve just decided, upon reading the comments that ‘telekinesising’ is an awesome word.

  18. For those of you that are interested, I make a super simple fire starter out of my old lent and a cardboard egg crate. Just stuff the egg crate full then cover with thin layer of wax (I melt old candles in a coffee can on my stove for the wax). Once it dries, you can cut each section out making individual fire starters!

  19. I collect the stuff as a hobby, love when I wash the big red flannel comforter cover. It’s also fun to do I load of only blue (or red, or purple…) and see what color the dryer lint comes out.

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