#761 Eating the extra fries at the bottom of the bag

You must look withinHey, eating in the car is tough.

Weaving that big, bulky clunk of metal through highway traffic, off off-ramps, over speed bumps, and into parallel parking spots is no small feat. And you know what makes it even tougher? Having a hot, crumpled bag of steamy Drive-Thru riding shotgun, that’s what.

Yes, resisting the temptation is tough, but then again unwrapping a sloppy, mustard-dripping burger over the steering wheel probably isn’t good for anybody. So there’s really only one option to satisfy your urges to both eat and live.

That’s right: dip your hand into the crinkly paper well and squeeze it between the cool packs of ketchup, big wad of napkins, and waxy-wrapped burgers, until you find that little treasure trove of spilled fries at the bottom of the bag. It’s a bit like panning for gold and is known as the Pre-Lunch Munch in some circles.

Also, we can’t forget the Classic Afterburn maneuver. Yes, extra fries at the bottom of the bag star again, but this time they’re the cold, limp n’ salty chasers that follow your last slurp of bland, watered-down cola. Yes, we both know you’ve got to finish the meal off with a flavor-saving punch and the extra fries at the bottom of the bag will do the job just fine.

So dip that hand in deep, give it a swirl, and chomp on a nice little bite of


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50 thoughts on “#761 Eating the extra fries at the bottom of the bag

  1. Ahh the good ole days when I could eat drive thru. I miss those days, and the fries at the bottom were always great especially when you were the captain of many. Handing out cheeseburgers and such was always worth it when you just slyly keep yours in the bag and keep the “bonus” fries for yourself. Good times…good times.

  2. I enjoy how many of the 1000 awesome things are related to food, as food might be the most awesome-est thing of all. Especially bonus fries. Oh em gee.

  3. The absolute best has to be the extra crispy, super salty “bonus fries” at the bottom of the bag. I almost wish I could just order a side of those!

  4. “Handing out cheeseburgers and such was always worth it when you just slyly keep yours in the bag and keep the “bonus” fries for yourself.”

    I always do this! Love it.

  5. As is often the case, the photos with this post take it up a notch or two. First of all, the McD’s bag is perfect, because we all know that if there were yearbook predictions for fast food, McDonald’s fries would definitely be voted “most likely to end up at the bottom of the bag”. Really, they don’t have a chance, what with being so long and skinny, and don’t get me started on the flimsy paper sleeves.

    And then the old dude panning for gold just totally made my day! He’s awesome all on his own.

  6. What? You folks only need to snag the run-away fries? I would always just randomly keep someone else’s fries for myself if they made me be delivery boy…I didn’t have to go to often…

  7. These fries are the reason you “generously” offer to take the bag(s) and hand everybody’s food to them.

  8. Once again you’ve hit the nail on the head. And I am thoroughly amused by the comparison to panning for gold. Another good one!

  9. I always save the bag fries until I’ve finished my whole meal; they may be cold and weirdly textured, but just when you think your Maccas is over, it is, in fact, not! Bonus!

  10. I always grab some from every pack of fries and drop them to the bottom. So all the packs are about half full by time I get home and there’s a nice, big, salty cache of “bonus fries” at the bottom waiting for me! “Oops, some must have spilled…such is life.” Evil FTW!

  11. I love 5 Guys they actually have an extra scooper that they use to just throw fries in the bag.

  12. The best is when you randomly get a stray onion ring in your order of fries. It has found a new home! Delicious!

  13. Bag Fries are the best fries. I usually eat those first if I remember, but when I don’t its a nice little extra treat. Kinda like a fry dessert after eating fries.

  14. I thought I was the only one who thought this was awesome. We call them “Bottom Fries” and frequently call dibs on them (i.e. “DIBS ON BOTTOM FRIES”). By far, best part of the meal.

  15. My family always called these bag fries, and they went to the quickest caller (like “shotgun!”) Except in this case it’s “I call the bag fries!”

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